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Quantaglion Co. Ltd(Bunkyou City)

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Created on 2018-3-20
Updated on 2018-3-20
Representative director and CEO, Norihei Tsuyusaki
New idea that will change the future information security. Random number generator using spontaneous nuclear decay.
 To maintain information security against spoofing, data leakage, hijacking, etc. is a big issue for individual, enterprise and national level. The thing required for the foundation of information security is random generation of random numbers for ID creation, ciphering and so on. However, vulnerability of existing random number generation system has often been pointed out. Quantaglion Co. Ltd developed the random number generator using spontaneous nuclear fission decay. “Quantaglion’s security chip is ‘the most powerful key’ to generate random numbers that both human beings and machines can never predict.” We interviewed representative director and CEO, Norihei Tsuyusaki about new idea that will change the future information security.

New idea to leave to the nature that is beyond human knowledge

Developed security chip
 Mr. Tsuyusaki explains about vulnerability of existing information security. “Exiting random number generation systems have some problems. Firstly, human risk. There is a risk that even programmers leak information intentionally or by mistake. Deviation of random numbers created by software inevitably occurs and perfect solution cannot be found in there.” The thing required is generation of true random numbers. The answer Quantaglion arrived at was random number generation using spontaneous nuclear fission decay. “There are about 70 trillion atoms in the security chip developed by us. Nuclear decay occurs with unpredictable timing and α particles are emitted. A semiconductor detects it and random numbers applied to cipher is generated at that time. The state looks like One-time password that is always created. Since natural phenomenon is used, human risk can be avoided, also, it is not affected by external environments such as temperature, pressure and electromagnetic wave.”

It will be available for about 100 yen due to mass production

Their security chips are widely incorporated into products as identification code of ciphered communication or communication device.
 As of January 2018, we are creating prototype with grant from NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). Even if it is mass produced, there are no two items exactly alike, and copying is impossible. “Depending on complexity of required system, if the security chip is at a bank account use level, it is possible to reduce the price of security chip to about 100 yen. I think people will be able to purchase it at convenience stores, etc. and it will be disposed of in the future.” The theoretical answers to the general user’s concerns are prepared. “It is possible to combine technologies such as fingerprint authentication and face authentication to prevent your security chip from being used by someone who impersonates you. Also, some people may feel a vague anxiety about use of a nucleus, however, the radiation dose is very low and it has no adverse effect on the human body. There are no problems in disposal of radiation dose at this level.”

As the product incorporated into IOT society

 This product can be incorporated into IOT products as identification code of ciphered communication or communication device and it is receiving a lot of attention from companies. Especially, Mr. Tsuyusaki is expressing confidence that it can be mounted on artificial satellites and connected to cars because it is unaffected by external factors. “I think this security chip can demonstrate its ability in scenes such as driver and vehicle authentication and communication with emergency vehicles to prevent things that protect people such as vehicles from being hacked.”
 “Quantaglion” was coined by Mr. Tsuyusaki, combining “quantum” and “intagliato (engraved mark)”. With the company name full of dreams, the most powerful key is changing information society.
Quantaglion Co. Ltd
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