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Fuso, Inc. (Katsushika City)

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Created on 2017-3-17
Updated on 2017-3-17
From the left: Fuso's Chief of Sales Naruaki Tomita, President Satoru Tomita
From smart phone decorations to fancy goods and apparel, nail art, body paint...transfer seals, which can be used not only to decorate a variety of items but even people, are an item very familiar in our everyday lives.
The company that has continued manufacturing transfer seals for over half a century and creating new offerings based on technology it has cultivated is Fuso, Inc. We interviewed President Satoru Tomita and Chief of Sales Naruaki Tomita.

The "ND Seal", which can be transferred to any kind of cloth without an iron

How to attach the ND Seal. First, remove the release paper, then place the pattern with the film side up over the cloth and rub strongly with the nails
"This company started over 50 years ago with my predecessor, my father, who started business in 1964 when the Tokyo Olympics were held. Originally, there was a factory in Asakusabashi, Taito City, but it was moved to the current location in Tateishi, Katsushika City, about 50 years ago, and was mainly involved in manufacturing transfer seals of various manufacturer logos that would be put on automobile frames or skis. However, since
Gently peel the film off while holding the pattern down
our customer's factories relocated kept relocating overseas, we began focusing on transfer seal for fancy goods." (President Tomita)
The two items we will introduce here began selling in 2013. First, we asked about the "ND Seal".
"Transfer seals are familiar to the general public as something you stick onto cloth, but most of them need an
Rubbing the pattern after it has been transferred helps make it harder to come off even after washing
iron to transfer. However, our ND Seal can transfer to cloth through rubbing alone, meaning you don't need an iron. Moreover, it is generally possible to transfer onto cloth products which are difficult to transfer, such as irregular canvas or brushed linen, through rubbing alone, so that it is possible to reproduce print-like processing. Also, in addition to fabrics, we have received requests recently such as customers who would like to use the ND Seal instead of printing to improve the design of building blocks for infants, so we really feel that the possibilities have expanded.” (President Tomita)
Also, the seal is also characterized by excellent water resistance and elasticity, meaning it will not peel off easily even after being washed 5 to 10 times. Furthermore, when customers get tired of the design, it can be removed cleanly with commercially available removers, and an advantage is that different designs can be tested immediately.

Looking to expand into the overseas market as well Genuine Looking "Real Tattoo Seal"

The Real Tattoo Seal on President Tomita's arm
Next is the "Real Tattoo Seal", developed at the same time. Although imitation tattoo transfer seals have been sold conventionally before, this product has gained attention for its extremely high sense of fit after attachment, its lack of shine particular to seals, and its quality, which gets it mistaken for the real thing. Also, its special features include that the
In addition to store-bought rubbing alcohol and baby oil, it can also be removed easily using packing tape.
pattern maintains its beauty without cracking even though it is extremely thin at 0.1 micrometers, it is easy to use as it can be transferred just by tapping with a wet tissue, and that it is durable and lasts about a week even with regular bathing.
”As with the ND Seal, this can be easily removed when you want to remove it. What you use is rubbing alcohol or baby oil, and it will come off in a minute or so. Of course, we have cleared all safety tests by third party institutions, so it can be used for a wide range of people, from infants to the elderly. Its usage applications include as a sign for attendees at concert venues, costume items for Halloween or parties, and more. In recent years, the number of young people who enjoy tattoos as fashion in Japan has increased, so our sales channels have expanded, but our goal in the future is to break into overseas markets such as Asia, Europe, and America, where tattoos already have a familiar presence." (President Tomita)

Screen printing backed by unique technology creates high added value

Screen printing secondary processing technology is a key point that supports added value unique for Fuso
In addition to offset printing, which is the mainstream modern printing method, the ND Seal and Real Tattoo Seal use screen printing, said to be able to print on any material except water and air. Although both methods are common in the printing industry, one of Fuso’s strengths is that they have spent over 50 years since the foundation of the company maintaining high levels of these two technologies, and have been successful in developing their own unique technologies.
We are particularly proud of our secondary processing in screen printing, which has created added value unique to our company. For example, we have “moriage”, which gives a sense of three dimensionality, “foil pressing” in which materials like paper are pressed with gold or silver foil using heated molds patterns or letters for a sense of luxury, “scented” in which extremely small fragrance capsules are transferred at the same time, as well as other variations such as glitter and luminescence, so we can make diverse products according to needs. We earnestly believe that this is the result of our company’s efforts to meet our customer’s requests and develop them into products without giving up.” (Chief of Sales Tomita)

Expanding business opportunities using the extensive systems unique to Tokyo

With their reputed conduct and achievements, Fuso’s products were certified under “Katsuhika Factory Story”, in which Katsushika City promotes excellent products made in Katsuhika, in 2016.
Through this, we received a variety opportunities for activities such as gift shows and exhibitions, trade fairs, and exchanges with other companies. It is a wonderful chance to expand the appeal of our company’s products, and in the future we plan to be even more proactive in dissemination product information.” (Chief of Sales Tomita)
In addition, Fuso has been certified as a "New Market Development Support Project" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center. This project is aimed at promoting the growth of small and medium enterprises in Tokyo through the development on domestic sales channels for excellent products and technologies developed at small and medium enterprises in Tokyo. From this point of view as well, one can see that this company’s product come with a high level of technology.
One of the merits of being located in Tokyo is the extensive subsidy systems.
“In fiscal year 2016, we were able to receive backup from the Small Scale Business Subsidy from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as from the Exhibition Support Grant Project from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center. Through these achievements, we expect smoother cooperation with financial institutions and expansion of locations for our product PR.” (Chief of Sales Tomita)
Fuso will continue to contribute to revitalizing the domestic and overseas markets while responding to various customer needs as transfer seal specialists.

Fuso, Inc.
8-41-2 Tateishi, Katsuhika-ku, Tokyo