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Top Voices of Companies Systems Yajima Co., Ltd.(Koganei City)

Systems Yajima Co., Ltd.(Koganei City)

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Created on 2014-5-7
Updated on 2016-2-18
Systems Yajima Co., Ltd.(Koganei City)
Systems Yajima Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly handles built-in kitchens. We visited and interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Mishima (photo), the Assistant Manager of the Administrative Department of the company that strives on product development to respond to their customers’ desire: “If only it was possible.”

Providing various kitchens from mass-produced to custom made

Systems Yajima Co., Ltd. is one of the Yajima Group, to which “YAJIMA Corporation” and “Yajima Onsen Ofuro KK” belong, and was established in 2001 (Heisei 13). We mainly deal with planning, designing, and selling of built-in kitchens, and “YAJIMA Corporation” handles production, such as stainless-steel processing of built-in kitchens. We have partnerships with many major house builders and general contractors, and by incorporating each manufacturer’s style, we produce kitchens by OEMs as well as develop original kitchens, by utilizing our own technology. In addition, for individual customers, we offer full-order kitchens where we produce everything from design based on their requests.

Taking one-of-a-kind requests, such as a “heart-shaped” kitchen

Our strength is our ability to offer products that exactly meet our customers’ requests. We are able to provide products even with designs and sizes that are typically considered difficult to manufacture. For example, we have taken various one-of-a-kind requests, such as an entire heart-shaped kitchen (top photo), a heart-shaped sink, and an accessible kitchen for elderlies or people in wheelchairs (bottom photo). Additionally, even though it is difficult to process large stainless steel kitchen tops, we can offer kitchens that are more than twice as long as usual ones. We proudly feel that these are possible because our advanced designing capability and technology are well integrated. Our built-in kitchens have received the Good Design Award several times and have also been frequently used in TV drama sets.

Placing a showroom in Tokyo, and bringing customers’ voices into product development

Our company building, located in Koganei City, has a showroom for our built-in kitchens, in addition to facilities for carrying out office functions. A kitchen is not an item that people purchase frequently. Because of this, for customers with particular needs, we can have them experience the functionality and quality of the kitchens by actually seeing and touching, rather than reading about them from catalogs. At the same time, we have a win-win relationship where we can listen to their precious opinions and feedback for improving our products. As an advantage of being located in Koganei City, we are at a location that is easy for people to visit our showroom, since there are many residential houses nearby, and we are close to JR Musashi Koganei Station and intersection of the Chuo Expressway. In terms of commodity distribution, this location is also convenient for transporting large packages, such as kitchens.

Working toward customers’ ideal kitchens

Since our establishment, our business has been mainly between companies. However, as the number of individual customers with particular needs for their kitchens is increasing, we are considering strengthening our structure in order to meet these demands. We are working to improve the current showroom so that it is easier to view and people feel welcomed to stop by any time. Moreover, we have been putting effort in overseas expansion, and we just started exporting to Taiwan. We built a local showroom and had a good start. We would like to continue working together in order to create the ideal kitchens that fulfill our customers’ wishes.
 Systems Yajima Co., Ltd.
Address: 4-1-3 Hon-Cho, Koganei City, Tokyo