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Top Voices of Companies Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Edogawa Ward)

Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Edogawa Ward)

Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2014-5-7
Updated on 2015-3-19
Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Matsue, Edogawa Ward, is a company which designs, produces, and sells sandblasting (a processing technique that sprays abrasives, such as sands, to a body surface) equipment. We interviewed Mr. Keiji Mase (photo), the Representative Director of a company, which, as a traditional manufacturer of sandblasting equipment with more than 60 years of history, continues to generate high-quality system equipment by challenging the possibilities of abrasive blasting.

Achievement of more than 60 years as a pioneer of sandblasting

We began our business in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo in 1950. After being the first in Japan to commercialize the cabinet-type blast equipment in 1957, we have been accumulating our skills and achievements as a pioneer of this industry. Sandblasting is a processing method of spraying abrasives, which are made from microscopic materials such as iron and glass beads, onto metals, plastics, stone materials, etc. There are various uses for this processing, including clearing unnecessary rusts and burrs, peeling off metal paints, and polishing surfaces by spraying the abrasives at an angle. Therefore, the equipment is currently used on different materials including metal, wood, and glass products in fields such as aerospace, automotive, and IT. These processing require advanced experience and knowledge related to blasting, since it is necessary to select the most appropriate method from more than 400 different combinations of abrasives, spray methods, spray pressures, spray amounts, etc. These original advanced technologies have been well received, and we were selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “300 Best Manufacturing Medium and Small Enterprises” in 2006. His Majesty the Emperor has also visited us in 2011.

Delivery of more than 30 thousand equipment and the leading-edge technology that supports it

We believe our strength is that, as a manufacturer specializing in sandblasting, we can suggest processing methods using new technology to various fields and industries. We have been developing products that match our customers’ needs using new technology, such as processing of plasma display, WPC treatment that drastically improves fatigue strength by increasing the density of metal surfaces, and rinsing of domestically-produced dry ice without the use of water or cleanser. Recently, by pulling together our advanced expertise, we produced a new processing method called “SIRIUS Z” that succeeded in the automation of mirror face polishing, which had been a method highly requested by many industries for years. More than 30 thousand products that we have developed have been delivered domestically and internationally (as of January 2014). Many of our clients that we deliver to are top manufacturers of each field. We believe that this is a proof that our technology and products are trusted. When we produce, we assign a full-time engineer for each blast equipment order, and the engineer handles everything from consultation to design, production, and delivery. We support this structure with about 70 engineers, which is the largest in the industry in Japan, and we respond precisely to the various needs of our users.

Consolidating all functions from development to delivery in Tokyo

We have the head office and factory with gross floor area of about 14 thousand square meters in Edogawa Ward. Since our establishment, we strongly believed in keeping all function consolidated in this location, and we have also been expanding our premises along with the growth of the company. As a result, we perform all of the core steps of production, from system design to assembly that are the most appropriate for the product, at this location, which is considered large in Tokyo standards. Moreover, we set aside many spaces in our head office where we can hold meetings as we inspect the items that are being processed. Thus, we are able to provide a strong user support service that does not interrupt our customers’ businesses by consolidating all functions in our head office in Tokyo. In addition, as an advantage of being located in Tokyo, in terms of public support, the “Management Innovation Plan” with a theme of the above mentioned “Commercialization of new surface processing method (SIRIUS Processing)” was approved by Tokyo, and it helped us greatly in development and commercialization. As a top manufacturer of blast technology, we would like to keep challenging the limitless possibilities of blasting and continue producing products that contribute to the society.
Address: 5-2-24 Matsue, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3686-2291 Fax: 03-3686-5045