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Hachiyoo Inc.(KChofu City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2014-4-23
Updated on 2015-6-18
Hachiyoo Inc.(KChofu City)
Hachiyoo Inc., established in 1964 (Showa 39), is a company that manufactures precision-machined products, waveguides, and swivel base for security cameras. We have interviewed the President, Mr. Masaaki Koizumi (left in photo) and the Senior Managing Director, Mr. Nobutaka Koizumi (right in photo) of the company that continues to grow with its advanced technology and precise finishing.

Contributing to social-infrastructure improvements with precision machine processing techniques

At the time of our establishment, we handled waveguides, which are metallic pipes for transferring electromagnetic waves (to the public, we explain waveguide as a “blood vessel for electrical waves” that connects “antennas” and “devices”). Our company came about when the current president, who is the founder, tried to make use of his machine processing and silver solder welding skills, which he acquired when he belonged to the naval shipyard. Currently, we mainly handle products that are necessary for social-infrastructure improvements including various waveguides, precision machine processed parts for high-frequency wave radio application equipment that need thin sheet material and microfabrication, and swivel bases for outside security cameras. Many of our customers are ranging from electronic manufacturers to public offices, including Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Defense, and municipalities. Our waveguides are also used in Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, and they underpin the communication infrastructure.

Development capability that generates products that do not exist in the world

Manufacturing with high precision and quality is our motto. For example, we can process a thin sheet of Kovar (mixture of iron, nickel, and cobalt), which is typically difficult to process and cut, with a precision thickness of one millimeter or less. The high quality of our products is supported by our 50 years of “craftsmanship,” such as silver solder welding and finish machining. On the other hand, because our swivel bases for security cameras are used in various situations, such as waste incinerators and blast furnace in iron factories, in addition to surveillance of highways and rivers, the products are finished with a high quality so that they can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as wind and snow or high and low temperatures. Currently, 70 percent of our requests are for manufacturing of trial products from electronic manufacturers. These trial products vary; some have everything determined from the intended use to the dimensions, while others only have the intended use and no dimensions or materials. For production, we deliver the product together with our customers after we fully acknowledge our customer’s needs and our skilled engineers suggest the best solution.

Tokyo – a place where people and chances accumulate

We have been located near our current location, Jindaiji, Chofu City, since our establishment. The biggest advantage of being located here is the convenience in transportation. Many of our customers are in Tokyo and Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and it is very convenient for travel with us being in Chofu. Because we are close to the Chuo Expressway, it is also convenient for commodity distribution. Moreover, there are many subcontractors nearby. We need companies to support us for procurement of materials, partial processing, surface finishing, etc. We are able to respond quickly and consider and manufacture detailed specifications with short delivery period, because many of the related companies are located here in Musashino, Tama region. Additionally, there is also an advantage of having many partners for industry-academia joint research around the area. We are already working with the University of Electro-Communications, located in the same Chofu City, and actively participating in study meetings and training workshops. Recently, we have been accepting internships, and we are planning to have more collaboration and recruiting in the future. As an area of improvement, although there are many public research institutions, such as National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) around our company, we unfortunately do not have many joint businesses with those institutions at this moment. Since there are many of these institutions nearby, we wish to actively transmit information and challenge ourselves to collaborate more. Tokyo is a place where business chances gather, and we believe that there are many of these chances out there. By taking advantage of being in Tokyo, we would like to work on further research and development while we recruit and raise capable personnel, and put effort into social-infrastructure.
Address (Head office): 5-3-5 Jindaijihigashimachi, Chofu City, Tokyo