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Top Voices of Companies Tachibana Optical Lens Co., Ltd.(Setagaya Ward)

Tachibana Optical Lens Co., Ltd.(Setagaya Ward)

Created on 2014-4-17
Updated on 2014-4-22
Tachibana Optical Lens Co., Ltd.(Setagaya Ward)
Tachibana Optical Lens Co., Ltd. – small-sized company with one of the greatest lens processing techniques in Japan. We have interviewed Mr. Yasuo Tachibana (photo), the Senior Managing Director of the company, which is located in Setagaya Ward and processes special glasses used for measuring instruments, inspection devices, and medical equipment.

Realizing everyone’s “desires” through designing, manufacturing, and processing of special glasses

We were established in Setagaya Ward in 1961. Starting with designing, manufacturing, and processing of microscope lens and prism plane polishing, we began, from 1970, to handle lens for medical equipment and cylindrical lens used for laser printer and computer images, and from 1975, we started working on video camera lens. Currently, in addition to general optical glass products, we also handle trial production, development, manufacturing, and selling of special glasses for trials for major manufacturers and research for universities. Although all fall under the same word “lens”, the requests vary greatly with items with complex shape, items with holes and grooves, and items that require precision. Their sizes and glass materials are also different. With our processing techniques that we have built through our history of over 50 years, we continue to offer these various lenses with short delivery time and high quality.

Nimble and able to react to urgent requests and additional processing

Since we have been specializing in lens processing from our establishment, we are able to respond to cases with extremely short lead time, lens with various special figures, and additional processing of products made by other companies. Moreover, since we can handle sizes from one millimeter to 600 millimeters, we have once handled a lens of a size that was not possible to deal with at other companies. Our biggest strength is that the engineers with high skillsets can work on every case precisely. Recently, we handled a request from a major manufacturer of lens processing for a trial product of a next generation display device. Our lenses play a part even for these state-of-the-art machine developments.

Convenience for being located in Tokyo

We have been in the current location in Setagaya Ward since our establishment. Since companies like us that can process special glasses are decreasing in numbers each year in Tokyo, manufacturers who are our major business partners appreciate that we are here in Setagaya Ward. The biggest merit for being located in Tokyo is the convenience in commodity distribution including transportation. When our customers visit us for meeting and delivery for short lead time orders, urgent processing requests, etc., we are able to accommodate them because we are located in Tokyo. Additionally, we are also putting great effort in information transmission to advertise our special lens processing techniques. The fact that we can easily participate in highly-visible exhibits held in Tokyo has also been a merit for our location. In 2013, we held a booth in collaboration with Setagaya Industry Promotion Corporation at “Industry Exchange Exhibit” held at Tokyo Big Sight, and along with the promotions of our products, we contributed to enlightenment activities of “Setagaya manufacturing”. Currently, we not only process lens, but also produce anniversary gifts (photo), such as silica glasses on which photos are carved artistically. We would like to continue utilizing our longtime glass processing techniques, as well as put effort in new fields which open up possibilities.
Address: 2-8-15 Tsurumaki, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3427-8741 Fax: 03-3427-8849