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Daito Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Arakawa Ward)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Daito Kogyo Co., Ltd., located in Nishiogu, Arakawa Ward, is a company that designs, produces, and sells gear pumps, which are used for tasks such as fuel transport to oil plants and upper floors of buildings. There are only a few companies globally that can compete technically with this company, which has been devoted exclusively to gear pumps since its establishment. We have interviewed Mr. Inoue (photo), the president of the company, which continues to respond to advanced needs with its seasoned experience and techniques.

Offering all types of gear pumps with advanced techniques

For those of you who are unfamiliar, gear pumps are pumps that can transport various types of liquids (fluids) by engaging and rotating gears. It is used in various locations and situations, such as buildings, factories, public bathhouses (sento), ships, fire engines, etc., and is a necessary part of modern life. We were the first company in Japan to develop this gear pump, and we have been producing various types of gear pumps since our establishment in 1935 (Showa 10). As our actual achievements, along with the development of the chemical industry, we started to develop and produce heat-resistant, acid-proof, alkali-resistant, and high-viscosity use gear pumps in 1950 (Showa 25), and gear pumps for high polymer chemistry spinning dope in 1972 (Showa 47). In addition, in 2003 (Heisei 15), we succeeded in developing and producing “Seal-less gear pump MC type” (photo), which is a completely-sealed type that prevents the transport fluid from ever leaking by using magnet technology. This product became a knockout at the time of its release as the most suitable pump for special liquids, such as ones that solidify upon contact with air or that cannot leak due to the lethalness, and this pump is now our core product. This product is even used for neutrino detectors that conform to strict standards that highly exceed the Japan Industrial Standards, and we are proud that we may be the only one in Japan who can produce such a product. Our gear pump can be used for various plumbing, liquid, temperature, etc., and every liquid transport is possible with our catchphrase, “As long as it is liquid, from chocolate to vitriol oil.” Recently, these advanced techniques were evaluated and we received the highest award for “New product/New Technique Award” of Arakawa Ward in 2012 (Heisei 24), and the highest award for “Tokyo Outstanding Performance Award for Management Innovation” in 2013 (Heisei 25).

Our gear pumps – used for various purposes and places

Since we have been devoted solely to gear pumps for more than 75 years since our establishment, our strengths are the advanced techniques and accumulated know-hows that we have cultivated over the years. Even for items which usually take time for delivery and cost when ordered to a manufacturer overseas, we are able to respond with short delivery date and low cost without sacrificing the quality. Our valued customers are from both domestic and overseas and in various industries, and our user base exceeds 1000 companies. Since the situations in which the pumps are used vary, and the pumps vary in size, grade, capacity, etc., depending on the purposes, we use a build-to-order system by listening to our customers’ needs and designing and developing the products that can address them. For example, we have past sales for a device that jets fire-extinguishing foam equipped on fire engines for chemical fires, a liquid transport device for viscous materials such as asphalt, a blending device for multiple liquids, etc. In addition, following the Great East Japan Earthquake, demands for products to transport fuel to emergency power generators are becoming high. Most of the emergency power generators are near the top floor of buildings, and fuels are on the ground or underground floors due to the fire protection law. For these reasons, it is necessary to transport the fuel from the bottom to the top by applying high pressure, and typically, multiple pumps are needed for relaying the fuel to the upper floors. However, since our single gear pump can take the fuel from the underground tank and transport to the upper floors, it is unnecessary to set up a service tank on the mid-floor. Like these examples, our products, which can be used for various purposes, are having an outstanding impact not only in Japan, but also at various places such as oil plants in China and Russia, as well as the Showa Station at the South Pole.

Responsiveness only possible for a manufacturer located in Tokyo

Since our establishment, we have been manufacturing in Tokyo. By making use of our location in Tokyo, we intend to become a manufacturer that is unique to being in an urban area. By doing everything from designing to production at our headquarters in Nishiogu, Arakawa Ward and by having our customers see our worksite, we also intend our location to be a showroom for our products. To that end, it is necessary to be located in Tokyo, where it is accessible for our customers. Moreover, when a problem occurs at a product delivery destination, we believe it is necessary for an urban-type manufacturer to concentrate all functions of the company in an accessible location and respond promptly. We practice this here in Arakawa. In terms of management, it is reassuring that we can receive a generous support from Tokyo and Arakawa Ward. If we gain an approval for Management Innovation Plan, carried out by Tokyo, it is possible to receive assistance such as having preferential treatment for warranty, loan, etc. For the fiscal year 2013 (Heisei 25), we received the highest award for the “Tokyo Outstanding Performance Award for Management Innovation” with the theme of “Developing new markets by developing a new completely-sealed type pump that contributes to environmental protection”. With this, we now have greater possibilities, and our employees are even more motivated. Even in a niche field of gear pumps, we would like to strive to increase “Daito” users around the world, with the appeal of our short delivery time and low-cost products backed by our advanced skills and experience that responds to individual needs.
Address: 7-52-1 Nishiogu, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo