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Top Voices of Companies Dynatron Co., Ltd.(Kita Ward)

Dynatron Co., Ltd.(Kita Ward)

Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Dynatron Co., Ltd.(Kita Ward)
Dynatron Co., Ltd., located in front of JR Itabashi station in Kita Ward, is a company handling printed circuit board products. We interviewed Mr. Masanori Nakamura (photo), the president of the company, which is gaining favor for their long-established business model that offers their maintenance users free software to work with their printed circuit board production technology that require frequent updates.

Establishment of a business model without burden to users

Since our establishment in 1990, we have been handling software and hardware for producing printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board has many electronic components on its surface, such as integrated circuits and capacitors, and it is one of the major parts of electronic products with those components wire-connected. Along with the advancement of electronics industrial technology, the production of printed circuit boards advanced into automatic production using computers (CNC control). We responded to this trend immediately and started to sell a CAM software “PC-AutoCAM”, which reads the circuit board CAD data and edits the data that becomes the mold for printed circuit board production, at a reasonable price of about one-fourth the conventional price, by packaging it for PCs. Additionally, ahead of other companies, we established a business model that offered upgraded software to our maintenance users free of charge, to keep up with the ever-changing circuit board production technology. This released our users from the risk of trading up new software whenever a new technology was introduced to the production process. About 90 percent of our customers who have purchased our software have made a maintenance contract, and we offer services without obsoleting or leaving our sold software unattended.

Planning, development, and selling of printed circuit board products

As packaged software with broad utility, all planning, development, and sales of our software are done in-house. Since we do not custom-develop software based on plan and design from other companies, we have the advantage of being able to provide our hardware with the software developed on our own. We are introducing groundbreaking products, such as “Gerber format automatic 2D length measuring machine” that automatically measures the size of the printed circuit board from CAM data, in response to the miniaturization of wiring patterns, “Direct inkjet resist printer” that prints etching resist directly onto the board with inkjet, and recently the “Film thickness automatic measuring system” that automatically measures the thickness of copper foil and plate on a printed circuit board.

Tokyo - advantageous for information gathering and transmission

Since our establishment, we have been located in Tokyo. As a reason, Tokyo holds many shows and events of the industry, and it is necessary for cutting-edge product development to be at the gathering spot of information. At the same time, Tokyo is also a city of information transmission. Since our software is an in-house developed packaged software, sending information out both domestically and internationally is an important pillar of the business. In addition to holding training seminars five times a year in Tokyo, we also hold a private seminar once a year at venues such as the Tokyo International Forum. We sometimes invite public figures as a special lecturer, and sometimes prepare a program that simply and pleasantly introduce the printed circuit board technologies, in collaboration with a theatrical group. We are receiving a favorable reception for having cutting-edge presentations related to printed circuit boards. In terms of accessibility, since many of our customers and subcontractors are around the Tokyo metropolitan area, we decided to locate ourselves here, a two-minute walk from the JR Itabashi station, so that they can easily visit us. Additionally, we are in a technical cooperative system with companies overseas, such as those in U.S.A., South Korea, and Taiwan, and being in Tokyo, we feel close to the overseas. In terms of staffing, since the printed circuit board industry is recently starting to shift to overseas, we find it also as an advantage to be in Tokyo to be able to find personnel who can help multilingualize our products. Many companies pursuing high quality adopt our software technologies. We would like to continue advancing our technologies from Tokyo as a manufacturer of printed circuit board products.
Address: 5F Beltechs, 7-2-13 Takinogawa, Kita Ward, Tokyo
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