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Orange Arch Inc.(Adachi Ward)

Business Category : Information
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Orange Arch Inc.(Adachi Ward)
Located in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, Orange Arch Inc. is a company, which solves various problems and challenges with information communications technology providing everything from consulting services for information systems to solutions for smartphones and tablets. We have interviewed Mr. Isao Motoyama (photo), the president of the company, which started in an incubation office in Adachi Ward and became a booming business within 5 years with more than 100 employees.

Being a “bridge” that leads customers to success with information communications technology

We provide computer system and service to solve various problems and challenges with information communications technology. Our major businesses are the following three: planning, development, and aftercare service of “operational application” for online system used at public offices and financial institutions, “infrastructure” formulation service such as setting server environments at bank’s data centers, and “embedded development” such as developing control software for digital cameras. Currently, we have about 100 employees, and most of them are system engineers capable of handling consulting services. Our strength is that we have engineers with strong communication skills, who are able to accurately take our customers’ demands and propose the most appropriate solution to their problems. Not just “simply creating something,” every employee is proactively working to propose solutions to problems.

From research and development to new businesses

We are working aggressively on research and development expecting commercialization in the future. “adShare Solution,” a system that delivers advertisement from PCs to tablets through wireless network, is one example. Using the characteristic of displaying on tablets, it can be a unique display that draws attention, depending on the arrangement of the stand and the display content. As for its purpose, it can be used in various scenarios, including selling spaces at retail stores, showcases, and exhibit halls. Recently, we have installed the “Space design display with the motif of DNA structure (photo above)” at “Adachi Ward Industrial Exhibit, Adachi Messe,” and received a high praise. In addition, “esalon,” which is an application for smart phones (photo below), is also an app we produced after research and development. With this app, you can simulate your favorite hairstyles with your own photos, and this is used by many people with presently 100 thousand cumulative downloads. This app uses our original “face outline extraction technique,” which was developed through an industry-academia joint research with Tokyo Denki University. Through collaboration research with the university, we were able to learn much for research and development. Thus, by having each specialist work on research and development not limited to their own field, we continue to generate new products that span a variety of fields.

Starting alone from a business initiation support facility

In November 2008, we started our business at an incubation office “Kagayaki” operated by Adachi Ward. Although I started alone in the beginning, in the three years we were at the incubation office, we grew to about 80 employees. During those years, the Division of business start-up assistance of Adachi Ward and Tokyo has supported us thoroughly, and we were able to make it until today. Some of the assistances we received included everything from support of the initial costs such as brochure development and aid for collaborative development, to advice for trademark registration and consultation for advancement into new lines of businesses. Because of this experience, when leaving the incubation office, we decided to locate ourselves in the current location, Senju, Adachi Ward to repay our favor to Adachi Ward.

A merit of being located in Tokyo

Many of our business partners, such as public offices and financial organs, and universities we collaborate with on industry-academia joint research, are around downtown, and since a terminal station, Kitasenju, is nearby, it is very convenient in terms of transportation accessibility. In addition, since many companies and universities are gathered in Tokyo, there is also the merit that there are many encounters with key persons and that it is easy to build up a network of connections. We also started a business that was possible because of the fact that we were located in Adachi Ward. There are many small factories around Adachi Ward, and most of them are small-sized businesses that are single-person or family-owned. As a new business, we are working to create a site where these small factories and business partners could be matched up. For this business, we got an approval on management renovation plan from Tokyo. As just described, I believe that there are even more business resources around Adachi Ward.

Determination hidden in the logo

In our logo, we use the color orange, which means curiosity and not fading. Each orange tassel stands for “people,” “technique” and “business.” Furthermore, it includes a message stating that by connecting all the elements, we wish to be the bridge (arch) for our customers and their businesses, by leading them to success. With this in mind, we will continue doing our best.
Address: 7F, Garney Place Senju Bldg., 1-11-2 Senju, Adachi Ward, Tokyo