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Towa Co., Ltd.(Ota Ward)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Towa Co., Ltd.(Ota Ward)
Towa Co., Ltd., located in Omorinishi, Ota Ward, is a company that handles processing of permanent magnets and designing of magnetic circuits. We interviewed Mr. Shimizu, in photo, who is the manager of Development and Sales Division of the company, which continues to generate high-quality products by making full use of their expertise in the field of magnetic products.

Leave permanent magnets up to us!

Since our establishment in 1938, as a permanent magnet processing company, we have been dealing with industrial magnets, making us a pioneer in this field. Currently, we are streamlining our production process, which allows us to go from processing to assembly of permanent magnet in a coherent way, while we continue to put our effort to be able to support anything related to permanent magnets, including magnetic field analysis, magnetic field measurement, and magnetic circuit designing. Permanent magnets are seldom used alone. In fact, we deliver the products with “invisible products” such as “generating magnetic force” or “controlling magnetic field.” Similarly for maintenance, we do not just exchange the products. We put emphasis on subsequent measures and investigation of root causes such as “Why did troubles occur to the magnetic field?” or “How can we prevent it from reoccurring?” We call “something that can generate a necessary magnetic field” a “magnetic field source”, and we offer this “magnetic field source” with confidence.

Advanced expertise that responds to every “unique needs”

The business of permanent magnet is special, both in terms of expertise and industry. Magnet material includes special metals called rare earth elements, in addition to iron, cobalt, nickel, etc. Their prices vary widely, and in extreme cases, there are materials whose price changes as much as few hundred times in a short period of time. In order to offer the products with stable quality and costs, we require advanced and specialized technical know-how, such as knowledge of characteristic features of permanent magnet materials and magnetic circuit structures, which is necessary when producing permanent magnet application components. Since the content of every “magnetic field” order becomes a “unique need”, possessing a coherent production process with “processing,” “assembly,” “magnetizing” and “measurement,” and being able to quickly offer the users an “outcome” are our greatest strengths. In addition, having an established distribution channel of difficult to obtain magnet materials is another big value that we bring. Although companies like us who focus purely on permanent magnets are rare, and there are very few competitors domestically, we will not become relaxed and will continue exploring more sophisticated technologies.

New efforts using permanent magnets

Although, for years, we have dealt mainly with production and sales of parts, from the aspects of marketing, we have started an approach to offer total solutions from product development to selling, in order to uncover the needs and hidden demands of permanent magnets. One is a medical equipment related product, and we are currently collaborating with another company on research and development. Another is a product development targeting consumers. For example, our “’Rare Earth Permanent Magnet’, which generates extra-strength magnetic force even with its small size” was awarded a theme award for the “First Tokyo Business Design Award” in February 2013, which led to a collaboration with a designer, and we were able to commercialize the product “Floating Pot”, a wall-mountable planter utilizing magnetic force for safe removable (photo). These are currently sold at interior goods stores, etc. As with this example, by developing products completely from the beginning to the end, we wish to increase the quality of our permanent magnets, and to offer a wide range of use of permanent magnets to the world by experiencing what our customers are looking for firsthand.

The advantage of being located in a traditional industrial complex

Ota Ward is a traditional industrial complex with many small town factories with high technical expertise. Many of our subcontractors and chip manufacturers, who are our valued customers, are also located around Tamagawa. Therefore, it is very appealing that the companies can easily cooperate with each other. Although we also accept large-scale orders by utilizing our own network, having many of its subcontractors located in the areas around Tokyo makes being in Tokyo an advantage. In terms of staffing, since many of our part-timers have experiences in the manufacturing industry, they can quickly pick up the necessary skills to start working smoothly, even with our specialized tasks. As for public assistance, along with financial assistance from Tokyo and Ota Ward, we also receive sincere assistance with information collection, even though our consultation tends to be difficult due to the atypical industry. Globally, Japan is one of the leading countries in the area of magnetic force and magnetic field technologies. As one of the companies in the field, we will continue to work hard to be helpful to everyone.
Address: 4-14-11 Omorinishi, Ota Ward, Tokyo