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Top Voices of Companies Sonic Corporation(Mizuho-Machi, Nishitama-Gun)

Sonic Corporation(Mizuho-Machi, Nishitama-Gun)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Sonic Corporation(Mizuho-Machi, Nishitama-Gun)
Locating its head office in Mizuho-Machi, Nishitama-Gun, Sonic Corporation produces anemometers, directional wave meters, fish finders, flow meters, etc., and sells to meteorological and oceanographic markets (mainly public offices), and fishery markets, etc. We have visited and interviewed Director, Mr. Ito (in photo) of the company, which is recognized, both domestically and internationally, for their advanced expertise in ultrasonic waves.

Providing measurement devices with the use of ultrasonic sensor technologies

Soon after the end of the Second World War in 1948, we were established as “Kaijo Denki Corporation”, to shift the ultrasonic technologies, which were previously used in military applications, to peace-time industries and to apply to fish finders, etc. After being the first company to produce and sell fish finders and sonic depth finders in Japan, our company, now renamed as “Sonic Corporation”, has meteorological devices, oceanographic devices, fishery devices, and industrial devices as our four pillars and is known as an ultrasonic measurement equipment manufacturer, exporting to overseas as well as selling domestically. Moreover, in the area of natural environment measurements, which makes full use of ultrasonic technologies, we have one of the most distinguished scale and achievement domestically. In addition to ultrasonic technologies, we can provide total solutions, from system architecture proposals to installation and support service, if it’s related to measurements, including data processing capabilities.

“Trust” is our brand won through advanced technical capabilities

Since we are a company focusing on ultrasonic technology from the beginning, experience and techniques accumulated over time are our biggest strengths. Currently, we have about 120 employees around our head office, and about 40 of them are in research and development. By devoting personnel to research and development, we have maintained our advanced skills until today. For example, the “Ultrasonic snow level meter” is used by AMeDAS (Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System) at the Japan Meteorological Agency. Moreover, the “Ultrasonic anemometer” can be used not only for outdoor meteorological observations, but it can also measure the slight wind velocity inside of a tunnel or a clean room, and it is used for safety operations for transportation agencies and atmospheric diffusion observations, both domestically and internationally. Our “Directional wave meter” (photo), which is a device that observes sea floor waves, has received the “Hydrographic Technology Encouragement Award”, and our niche technologies have been highly recognized from various sectors. Lately, there are many disasters due to abnormal weather. We feel confident that our measurement technology specializing in ultrasonic usage will work effectively in a situation where strict management is required for disaster prevention and safety.

The comfort of being located in Nishitama

Since our establishment, we had been located in Mitaka City, Tokyo. However, we moved to Hamura City since the surroundings began to become a residential area. Thereafter, we became independent from our predecessor “Kaijo Corporation” and moved to the current site in Mizuho-Machi in 2007. The fact that there were many industrial districts in western Tama and that the cooperative firms were nearby was a big reason for us to locate ourselves here in the Tama region. In addition, since the rent in Mizuho-Machi is affordable compared to that of downtown, and there are vacant lots, the environment allows us to easily expand the site upon business expansion. We handle many products to be used in ocean, so we need to experiment and perform product tests. Because of our location, we are able to have a large pool for experimentation on our premise.

The merit of being located in Tokyo

Because of being located in Tokyo, we were able to receive variety of public assistance. For example, in fiscal year 2009, our theme “Development of low-level wind shear monitoring device at airports” was selected for the “Support operation for intensive and strategic projects” of Tokyo, and it was successfully put into production. Then in fiscal year 2012, this was recognized for the “Tokyo trial order recognition program”– recognition number: 2408. Moreover, in fiscal year 2013, “Development of next generation automatic meteorological and hydrological observation system” was selected for support for the “Group support operation for reinforcement of manufacturing industry”, and we are now proceeding with research and development. Thus, it becomes a big merit for companies like us, who incur a large development cost per business, to be able to take advantage of subsidies from municipalities, such as Tokyo. As for market development, Tokyo has a wide variety of places to consult with, and you can be supported in different ways including opening up a new market. In addition, as for industry-academia joint research, we have been able to work on many projects with assistance from universities and public agencies around Tokyo, and we have been able to broaden our business. Next, we have plans to set a new office in downtown Tokyo, and we would like to continue to work hard day-by-day spreading our technologies both domestically and internationally.
Address: 19-6 Hakonegasaki-Higashimatsubara, Mizuho-Machi, Nishitama-Gun, Tokyo