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Top Voices of Companies Shinohara Shiko Co., Ltd.(Koto Ward)

Shinohara Shiko Co., Ltd.(Koto Ward)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2014-4-15
Updated on 2015-3-19
Shinohara Shiko Co., Ltd.(Koto Ward)
Shinohara Shiko Co., Ltd. is a bookbinding company, located in Oshima, Koto Ward, producing brochures and print products. We have interviewed the company’s President, Mr. Keisuke Shinohara, shown in the photo, who brings out unconventional products with originality and ingenuity.

A bookbinder, which realizes ingenuity with a difference

Established in 1974, we are a bookbinding company dealing with processing of printed matters. In addition to usual book binding, we also deal with printed matters with a bit of unique finishing. By adding our originality and ingenuity to basic processes such as “folding,” “binding,” “punching,” we became capable of handling mass production with various and special needs. For example, we succeeded in producing products, such as one shown on the right (toaster pop), automatically from a single piece of paper. Such products previously required complicated processes, such as cutting the papers manually and gluing them together with paste. Moreover, traditional “glue binding” has various limitations in terms of size, number of pages, paper quality, etc. However, our technique does not have many of these limitations and, therefore, offers product flexibility, and it allows us to bind large sheets, such as product photos and maps, inside brochures. This technique has been used for floor guide map at Narita Airport.

We “realize” ideas with printing

Typically, paper medium such as printed matters are thought to be hardware that is shaped and rigid. In order to realize the limitless ideas of our customers, and without being restricted by preconceived ideas, we have achieved sophisticated processing techniques, which were previously considered impossible. “Applied technical skill”, which allows us to realize ideas we couldn’t before, is our strongest selling point. This was accomplished not only by the sophisticated machinery, but also by adding ideas of our experienced craftsmen to the machines. In addition, since we also deal with bookbinding planning, if you consult us with your challenges and issues, we will start by suggesting ideas to address your challenges.

Advantage of being in Tokyo – division of labor

We began operation in Sumida Ward, moved to Taito Ward and Adachi Ward, and finally to the current location, Oshima, Koto Ward in 1999. Some of the reasons for our site location are convenience in transportation, especially for vehicles, proximity to our old customers and other companies in the same trade. One may think that being neighbors with others in the same trade may cause a price competition. However, for companies like us with specialized skills, this becomes a strength, which makes division of labor possible by bringing together different skills from different companies. We have started an organization called “Association of Printing and Processing” composed of six printing and processing companies with different specialization, and we are working to create simple and convenient paper stationery. In addition, three companies from the association in charge of trial production and development formed a group, and with a support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center this year, are working on proposing trial production and development of paper stationery and new business styles. By conducting such activities and by hosting field trips from the local elementary schools and high school internships, we are spreading a wide range of information on paper processing.

Fascination of being in Tokyo, which allows you to be an initiator

Tokyo is also a giant market. It is also an advantage to locate the company in Tokyo due to the large amount of work and convenience in securing personnel resources. Additionally, we can be greatly stimulated by having a chance to see the sites of “Initiated in Tokyo,” where things are the leading-edge in various industries. In other words, it means that if we have the strength, we can be an initiator ourselves. In this regard, Tokyo has no competition from other regions, in terms of breadth and depth. This is an irreplaceable allurement for companies who look for new possibilities.
Address: 5-51-13 Oshima, Koto Ward, Tokyo