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Top Voices of Companies Seiwa Optical Co., Ltd. (Nakano Ward)

Seiwa Optical Co., Ltd. (Nakano Ward)

Business Category : Machines(production machinery)
Created on 2014-3-5
Updated on 2015-3-19
Seiwa Optical Co., Ltd.(Nakano Ward)
Located in the current site in Yayoi-Cho, Nakano Ward from its establishment in 1947, Seiwa Optical Co., Ltd. is an old firm of optical equipment manufacturer. We have interviewed the President, Mr. Isao Okazaki, in the photo, and Head of the General Affairs, Mr. Masato Saito of the company, which always challenges for new manufacturing even with the long company history.

Continuous research and development of new products based on optical systems

In 1947, we were established as a subcontract factory primarily for major optical equipment manufacturers. We were committed to the development of microscopes and were well reputed for sales predominantly to schools and medical institutions. Then, we moved into the field of industrial precision instruments, including products and pieces such as core processors, by integrating electronic devices, and always promoting research and development to address new needs. In our microscope business, we have moved from analog to digital microscopes and have expanded our business domain by integrating electronic devices. As for the image optical equipment business, we have moved on from the traditional “part sales” to “module sales”, which is a mash-up of “part sales” with ideas and technical capabilities. Finally, in our industry equipment business, we have developed manufacturing and inspection equipment for touch panels, high functional films, and organic EL display related machinery, and they are well received by our customers.

No existing or copies - A passion to continuously generate new items

I love to imagine and create new items from scratch. Since I dislike generating existing products or imitating products made by other companies, I always keep originality and ingenuity in mind and continuously challenge in order to produce new items and to realize cutting-edge technology. Recently, based on our strengths, optical skills, we have advanced into the field of environmental-related devices, such as LED illumination and solar energy generation systems, and we are challenging ourselves for new expansions. As for our production base, we have a factory in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, in order to enable design and production of large-sized equipment based on optical skills, and we expanded our business by establishing a factory in Osaka to enrich our lithography equipment business.

Tokyo – a hub of Japan with attention to the world

We have also expanded our business to the world market. Our overseas bases are at the west coast of the U.S.A., Seoul, Shanghai, Taiwan, Frankfurt, and Singapore, which makes it necessary for us to be located in Tokyo when considering the accessibilities to these various bases. In addition, since many of our domestic customers are factories in the countryside, and they are spread all around Japan, being in Tokyo makes our business efficient in terms of both domestic and international accessibility. Also, we aggressively participate in the Tokyo’s subsidiary projects and receive support. Participation in these public projects shows responsibility as a local business operator and leads to activity development from Tokyo to the world, which entails delivery of Tokyo-made products and spreading Tokyo brand products to the world.

Crucial to be located in Tokyo to catch cutting-edge information

The reason our founder established the company here in Nakano was due to the fact that about 500 optical equipment manufacturers, including major companies such as Nippon Kogaku and Canon, were located on Yamanote Street at that time. Being close to the others in the same trade was a big advantage. Our business began when our founder built his own home and a factory here at this place. Although being around others in the same trade is not as important today, it is necessary to be located in Tokyo when considering logistics and securement of manpower. Honestly, I consider these difficult in cities other than Tokyo. Moreover, in order to be among the first to catch the needs of the current time, and to do research and development and generate valuable new products, there is a need to be in Tokyo where you could meet the movers and shakers from different industries to attain information on a constant basis. Tokyo is a source that emits the leading edge technology gathered from all over Japan. By catching information instantaneously, and changing them into optical skills, support skills, and needs and customize skills, I believe that we can differentiate from other companies.
Address: 4-12-17 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano Ward, Tokyo