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iMott Inc(Ohta City)

Business Category : Processing(other)
Created on 2013-4-8
Updated on 2015-3-19
Techno Front Morigasaki industrial Institution which is administered by Ota ward of Tokyo is located in the coastal area of Ota ward overlooking Tokyo bay and iMott Inc. is in one of the rooms in fourth floor of the building.
With the attempt to measure the relation between manufacturing industries the skills and experiences of engineers and integration of these two with science in mind, when entering the room, rather than a factory the most advanced laboratory will welcome the visitors.
The company is advancing by getting familiar with the state of art technologies in the hope of contributing “being Helpful” to industries.
This time, we asked Mr. Matsuo the president of the company regarding the benefits of Metropolitan’s “Support Project for strengthen the base of manufacturing industry” and doing business in Metropolitan area.

A company to extend the “DLC Segment Structure” to the world

The name iMott is driven from “Innovation Management of Thin-film Technology” and the purpose is to extend the “DLC Segment Structure” throughout the world. DLC is a Diamond Like Carbone, a carbon with hardness close to diamond. By conventional technology one layer of DLC could be deposited on the surface, but the deposition would come off the surface due to lack of flexibility of the deposited layer.
The patented technology of structuring tiny nano size tile like segments of DLC (S-DLC) on the surface enables to coat the surface while maintaining the hardness and flexibility of the structure without having the problem of deposit coming off the surface.

The “GEEK” a scissors invented through craftsman skills and state of arts technology

Under the brand name of “GEEK” a pair of scissors has been developed to process the S-DLC film. There are only two scissors craftsmen in Tokyo that their works in micro scale range are absolutely identical. The collaboration of these two craftsmen and our S-DLC technology lead to the development of scissors with a cutting edge 15 times higher than conventional scissors possible.
The shape of the scissors, the easy to use feature and not damaging the hair are the special characteristics of these scissors.

The presence of project manager

Metal processing, S-DLC film-forming, scissors craftsmen and trading company have formed a group to develop and commercialize a product. The support, besides the invested capital, was the presence of a capable project manager. It was his appropriate progress management that guided us when faced an obstacle. We engineers tend to have a consciousness pointed out forward. It is his advice and guidance that made everything possible and we are very grateful for that.

Taking advantage of Tokyo with a plus alpha effort

Doing business in Tokyo in some sense has its own advantages. However, I feel that there are many enterprises that loosen their effort to that respect. May be that is because it is an advantage working in Tokyo. But in the future one cannot survive by merely doing business in Tokyo. I think a plus alpha effort will be needed to survive.
Address: 402 Techno Front, 4-6-15, Morigasaki, Omori Minami, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0013, Japan