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OGINO Industrial Co. Ltd (Sumida city)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2013-4-8
Updated on 2015-3-19
The Ibaraki Factory of OGINO Industrial Co., Ltd. is located a 15-minute walk from Moriya station on Tsukuba Express line along side of TEX rail road. The factory was established before world war in 1924 with about 90 employees. It is not known internationally, but its high technical capabilities have gained the trust of leading manufacturers over past years.
In recent years, that high technical capability played an active role in expanding the sphere of its activities in Asia.
OGINO Industrial Co., Ltd has set up the factory in Ibaraki, but all the business is revolving around its headquarters in Tokyo.
This time, we asked Mr. Ogino the president of the company regarding the benefits of Metropolitan’s “Support Project for strengthen the base of manufacturing industry” and doing business in Metropolitan area.

Desire to be a responsive craftsman to the changes at all times.

This company was founded by my grandfather as parts manufacturing company. Founded in 1920s (Taisho Era) to manufacture gas fittings and later shifted to manufacturing auto parts. At the present, manufacturing auto parts remains as our main products, but we also manufacture parts for agricultural machineries and industrial instruments. The accumulated experience and skills over the years has helped us to evolve from Low Tech to a High tech resulting in new technologies and new products.
From now on our rich experience and skills will be a solid platform to develop the market in Asia and challenging the production of parts for aviation and medical equipment.

Aiming at delivering the highest quality products with zero defect

The strength of our company lays on providing high quality products without any defect. Not only manufacturing the parts, but also our engineers are engaged in assembly of machineries that are used in production lines. Manufacturing the parts and assembling the machineries at the same time has a direct effect on lowering the costs and consequently higher salaries. It also gives us an insight into knowing how our products are contributing to the society as whole. Those efforts have resulted in a commitment to thorough quality and process control leading to achieving zero defect delivery and high commendation by our customers. In recent years, all the effort has been put on the process of not delivering defected products, high process control and technical innovation to offer better products and services.

Continuous innovation progress up to the impassibility

Our group has developed a special tube to pass the engine coolant for the next generation of environmentally friendly engines developed by major automobile manufacturers. The automobile engine sizes are reduced and not only there is a need for smaller and high quality parts, but also there is a need for internationally price competitiveness. Therefore, our effort has continued up to the point that it would be impossible to go any further to "gather the best of technology innovation for manufacturing high quality products” and at the same time cut the cost to “less than the half”. That brought out the strengths of each company in our team and the whole team united on their knowhow and gone beyond the mere collection of core technology to produce the highest result. Put it all together, this was the result of having the opportunity to discuss the matter in metropolitan. Small and medium size enterprises are often tend to be locked in their own small circumstances, but being a small or medium size enterprise itself is a good reason to positively take part in any discussion and opening to new challenges. There are many competitors in Tokyo, but adopting strategies demonstrate tremendous recognition by both banks to obtain the investment capital and to acquire new customers.

Place the product where it can be seen

There are many merits in having an office in Tokyo. The best merit for manufacturing industry is that we can talk while actually seeing the product in front of us. That would be an advantage when discussing the things with business partners, taking advice from university faculties or informing our customers. In addition to that, there are enormous number of machineries in the laboratories of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center that gives us a chance to deal with break down claims or reviewing the progress on a scientific basis. As a result, it has the advantage of feeling confident when visiting customers, dealing with claims, revising the cost etc.
Address: 1-7-16, Tsutsumidori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo