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Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd.(Hachioji City)

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Created on 2012-3-27
Updated on 2015-12-19
Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd.(Hachioji City)
Celebrating its centenary in 2011, Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. (Nissui) operates worldwide as a leading company in the marine products and food industry. The company chose to base its research and development in Hachioji, Tokyo. Here, we interview Mr. Shinya Yamashita, General Manager of Tokyo Innovation Center and Central Research Laboratory, and ask him why the site was chosen.

Tokyo Innovation Center Established in Tokyo in 2011

Nissui is a marine products company and was the first in the industry to set up a research laboratory. We not only catch and sell fish, but also offer high-value added products by developing freezing and food processing technologies. This is what enables the company to grow.
In February 2011, we established Tokyo Innovation Center (TIC) in Nanakuni, Hachioji by integrating the Central Research Laboratory, Product Research & Development Center, Food Safety Research Center, Technology Development Center, and Bio-production Research Center that had been in different locations. This environment facilitates communication among departments and speeds up and improves R&D.
External view of the Tokyo Innovation Center

Good access and reasonable land prices were decisive factors

We selected Hachioji among several potential sites for its good access from the Headquarters (Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) and reasonable land prices for Tokyo, which allowed us to acquire a large site. Our R&D activities include developing production machinery, which requires a large land space that is difficult to acquire in the center of Tokyo where land is so expensive.
The location near “Hachioji General Plant” was another decisive factor. Hachioji General Plant manufacturers frozen and processed food products and does not have to be located near the sea. Hachioji is a convenient location for delivering products to markets in the Kanto region such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, and is an important site for our business.
Communication space in Tokyo Innovation Center

The hit-product Released “Osakana-sau,” an attention-getting new product to the market

One year has passed since the TIC was opened. The integration of research laboratories helps communication and lowers the barriers between sections, and we now see the benefits.
This spring, we will release “Osakana-sau,” a new type of fish jelly product in one of Nissui’s main product categories which has come from research at TIC. This product of our new technologies is characterized by not being wrapped in a casing. Consumers will not only eat it without cooking but also use it as an ingredient for cooking.
A package of “Osakana-sau”
Address: 1-32-3, Nanakuni, Hachioji City, Tokyo