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Fullheart Japan Inc. (Ohta City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2011-4-14
Updated on 2015-3-19
As its name suggests, Fullheart Japan Inc. has been devoting itself to user-oriented “hearty” manufacturing with sophisticated technologies in designing and producing electronics and control systems and developing software for measurement/automatic control systems. Yoshihiko Kunihiro, president, speaks about his company and its businesses.

Capabilities to play in a wide range of business fields

The core strength of our company is electronics-based computer application and control technologies. We have an established system of integrated manufacturing, which can cover all the processes of research, development, designing, manufacturing, and inspection for various automated, labor-saving systems that are custom-fabricated. We do metal case processing for control panels, or precision metal processing for stainless-steel and aluminum, and can take on a job just for this process. As electronic control involves in a wide range of industries today, we have done projects for nuclear power generation, construction industry, air-conditioning, security industry, medical care, food manufacturing, and various other fields. This suggests our strength that we are capable of meeting quite a wide range of customer needs. We are ready to accommodate customers who may only have a simple drawing or specification for a product they need.

Chemicals control and management system; a unique own brand product

Our past achievements include a computer system for flight simulator characterization, a transverse device for infrared moisture meter, a wireless data collection device for tower boiler, a liquid crystal base exterior inspection system, an image data editing/output system, and more. As our own brand product, we have developed a chemicals control and management system. This system is composed of 19 to 38 storage compartments, each equipped with an electronic scale and is open/closed with an automated door. The system continuously monitors and records when, who, what, and how much of chemical is used as it is taken out of and is return to the compartment. Besides chemicals, the system may suitably be used for storage and management of CDs, important documents, keys, hanko seals, and other variables. Our other products include an amplifier for industrial measurement, a three-side polishing device for books, and such.

Attractive business infrastructures available in Ota City

Since its establishment in 1968, our company has been in business in Ota City. As explained earlier, we have our own integrated manufacturing system and rarely outsource our works. However, we ask our neighbor companies for help when we receive an order of a very difficult project which we may consider is beyond our capacity. Fortunately, a number of companies who have specialized technologies and knowledge in specific fields are based in Ota City and are available to answer our questions as needed. Many of our customers are also based in Tokyo and its vicinity, so it is very convenient for us to be in a close distance with customers when we need to meet them and discuss face to face a product we uniquely fabricate for them. Another advantage for businesses in Ota City is its established business infrastructures, including the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization who is very active to help local businesses in finding matching business partners or recruiting new employees.

A business consortium only possible in Tokyo as industrial center

From 2008 to February 2011, we organized a consortium with five other cooperating companies who also design and manufacture various control devices and conducted a project to build an IT-based integrated order acceptance system. The project aimed to make a system within the group with which drawings, processing information, order forms and such can be sent and received in form of digital data and to found a strong and responsive integrated order acceptance system so as to meet customers’ diverse demands while realizing reduced cost and shortened delivery time. This project has been approved as a “key technology industry group support project” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs. We are aware that such a challenging project became possible because we are based in Tokyo where a number of industries are concentrated.
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Address: 3-20-8 Chuo, Ohta City, Tokyo