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Top Voices of Companies Tosei Electronbeam Company Limited(Mizuho Town)

Tosei Electronbeam Company Limited(Mizuho Town)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2015-4-10
Updated on 2016-3-29
Tosei Elecrtobeam Company Limited
President and CEO Mr. Tamotsu Ueno

The best in electron and laser beams

Contributed to launch of Hayabusa 2
 Mr. Ueno quit being an office worker in 1977, and focused his attention to the fact that then less-known “electron beam” was used in aero parts. He installed one machine in a leased factory in Mizuho Town, and founded Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited.
 “Although people around me were against my idea, I did see a great opportunity in expanding to the aero and to space industries.”
 Starting from having no clients in the beginning, the company steadily increased its achievements by responding well to orders for the two technologies, electron and laser beams, as their backbone, and they now have 3,400 clients. They cater for the needs of any industries as one of the most successful entrusted processing companies.
The initial dream for the aero field has come true, and has expanded beyond aero parts, and to the space industry including satellite parts. Moreover, their products are widely used in areas such as in Formula 1 high quality engines, computers, and medical devices.
 Their parts products were also used in the Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa 2” successfully launched on December 3, 2014.

Electron beam processing, laser processing. Two high energy beams as the backbone.

Latest equipment for latest processing
 “Electron beam processing is a method where processing is conducted by colliding electrons in a vacuum state. This method allows welding with the least amount of deformation or distortion, and allows welding of dissimilar metals, of high strength and of high accuracy, which traditional processing methods could not achieve.”
 Laser processing on the other hand, where light is amplified and converged into a light beam which melts welding spots, does not need to be conducted in a vacuum state, can be conducted in air, and is quicker.
 These two processing technologies enable high quality processing including welding, cutting, removal and flaking, holing, marking and surface reformulation, in many industries.
 These technologies are assured by their group of professionals in welding processing. The company seeks state-of-the-art processing technologies by introducing the latest equipment and by using their accumulated expertise in processing.

Actively working as a coordinator company

Business model of the company
 “Small to medium size companies can be small in size, but must be innovative to survive as a company. This will also mean that skilled human resources to support the innovation are required,” said Mr. Ueno.
 Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited acts as a coordinator company and is actively working on building partnership among enterprises from different industries.
 “I believe that clients typically order separately from individual companies for material procurement, assembly, etc. However, our company do all of these with responsibility. With our partners support, we try to fulfill requests through examining and proposing proper combination of machinery equipment and processes.”

Small to medium sized companies develop products with higher added values through technology partnership

5 Tec. Net., the alliance of power
 The company is also an active member of an extensive alliance, One of their achievements is a wide alliance, "5 Tec. Net. ", which was formed in 2002 for enterprises that manufacture over local boundaries.
 "Small to medium size enterprises closely arrange their technologies and know-how, supplement one another flexibly by offering their advantages, and generate products and services with high added value. We believe this is the direction small and medium enterprises should take in the future."
  The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency has listed "300 active small to medium manufacturing enterprises" and all of the five enterprises that form 5 Tec Net. are included in the list. There are great expectations for the future of the alliance of power with unique technologies.

First own brand product, laser cleaning “ELASER ”

Laser cleaning “ELASER”
 Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited was long involved in entrusted processing technologies and engineering, but in 2014, they released their first own product. Solvent free and eco-friendly laser cleaning device, “ELASER”.
 “Cleaning without touching by laser does not damage base material, and enables speedy and easy cleaning and removal of mess like rust and resin residue. This is a largely improved version of traditional cleaning methods and achieves environmentally-friendly dry cleaning.”
 This device is innovative in terms of removing resin, paint and rust by laser, and again the aforementioned 5 Tec. Net. assisted in the productization of this cleaning device. Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited is planning to continue development of their own products and is also looking into medical devices as well.

Advantage in being in the Tama area

Headquarters in Mizuho Town, Nishitama
 In Tama, with its lush greenery, as many as 16,500 small, medium to large sized enterprises are located. Transportation access has significantly developed due to the opening of a bypass in the area, and therefore, Tama is attracting more and more attention as an area for manufacturers.
 “There are 27 technology universities in the Tama area, and it is an ideal place for collaboration with industries and universities. In addition, “TAMA Industrial Revitalization organization ” energetically operates as a part of an initiative to promote venture businesses by industry-academic-government collaboration, “Industrial Cluster Policy ” and is regarded as one of the successful cases in the country.”
“Furthermore, “TAMA Industrial Revitalization organization ” energetically operates and it is regarded as one of the successful cases under country’s “Industrial Cluster Policy ”.”
  The organization comprises of about 330 enterprises. It pursues development of a world’s leading base for creation of new industries, and revitalization of local industries.
  “As a member of the organization, we desire to continue proposing high-value added technologies.”
 Tosei Electrobeam will continue to utilize its advantages in the location, and will actively develop as a “comprehensive manufacturer enterprise” with its high energy beams as its backbone. They will keep at striving for new challenges as if they are leading vitality in the Tama area.
Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited
651-6 Takane, Mizuho Town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Phone 042-556-0611