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Tokokogyo Co., Ltd. (Minato Ward)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2015-3-19
Updated on 2016-3-29
Tokokogyo Co., Ltd.
President Mr. Masamitsu Maeda
 A wide range of high quality products created by a few skilled elite engineers. The company provides a total metal processing service using their high technological skills and expertise in sheet metal.

From a stamp size to an architecture object . Precision sheet metal processing technology and model production

Inside the factory
 The Shirokane area in Minato Ward. This area is known as a high class residential area reviewed in fashion magazines from time to time, but in fact, this area is also a semi industrial area, and has long been a place of craftsmanship. Tokokogyo Co., Ltd. is a company in the field of precision sheet metal technology, and Mr. Masamitsu Maeda is the third president of the company.
 “When I was little, small factories flocked around Furukawabashi and tool shops stood side by side. Some boats would pass by on the Shibuya River, and we would often play here.”
 The company is now engaged in precision sheet metal technology and frame production with four skilled employees. Their production varies from test production of a small part to a large size cabinet. What makes their variation possible is the combination of their precise NC machines and their skilled engineers.
 “What makes our sheet metal operation characteristic is our wide range of product handling. If you look at the size, for example, we deal with something the size of a stamp, to a general case, or to any architecture object.”

Total production processing

An example of products, an artwork for
a hotel
 Tokokogyo Co., Ltd.’s operation is not limited to a simple sheet metal industry. They are specialized in total production processing from various welding including spot welding and brazing, plating, etching, painting and even assembly. There are many orders from end users as well, and sometimes they design detailed specifications from an image drawing.
 ”We have extensive knowledge about materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and titanium, and do have expertise in processing of them as well. We provide total support from surface painting to the finishing touch in one go.”
 They also deal with test production of small items, production of a single item or special models, or a whole process from production to onsite installation.
 Tokokogyo Co., Ltd.’s high quality products are used in many scenes from a projector frame at a lecture room in a university, facilities at a museum, play equipment at an amusement park, metal parts of furniture, an item of artwork for a hotel, to a microphone stand of an original design for a famous musician for a concert.
 “Like these examples, being in Minato Ward in central Tokyo allows us to respond to various needs not only in industrial fields, but also art and entertainment fields. This wonderful location provides rich information, and opportunities to meet people in different fields. It is also important in terms of shortening delivery time.”

Urban production service, MMR Minato Monozukuri Renaissance

Glasses holder in a motif of a tool
displayed at a design festival
 Mr. Maeda is currently working on development of their own products. In 2014, the company participated in Design Festa held at Tokyo Big Sight , and displayed and sold products developed with their famous sheet metal technology such as accessory making with parts selected by customers.
 “Although we are equipped with the technology, we had never developed our own products. Designing something from scratch is very fun. Moreover, communication with our customers at the festival was a brand new experience for us.”
 Mr. Maeda has also been acting as a leader of MMR “Minato Monozukuri Renaissance (Minato area craftsmanship renaissance)”, which started in 2004 as one of the Minato Ward industry promotion projects.
 MMR has been enabling small to medium sized companies with unique technologies and know-how in Minato Ward to collaborate together, and to provide world class technologies from the area. Members with their own technologies such as screws, milling cutters, lathes, sheet metal and so on continue communicating with each other, and in addition to having group exhibitions and collaboration with a local industrial high school, they developed a visor for wheel chairs as a joint development product.
 MMR further caters for various craft needs by their group collaboration.
 “Please do let us know if you are in the situation of 'we need help!' during the product development process. We will endeavor to assist you with our best expertise and also with our network of processing companies.”
Tokokogyo Co., Ltd.
5-7-7 Shirokane, Minato Ward, Tokyo 108-0072
Phone 03-3441-8939