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Top Voices of Companies Stack Electronics Co., Ltd.(Akishima City)

Stack Electronics Co., Ltd.(Akishima City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2015-4-10
Updated on 2016-3-29
Mizuya Tajima, the Founder and Senior Adviser (on the right)
Katsuhiro Watanabe, President (on the left)

Top share in the industry with probes for oscilloscope

 Transmission is to send electrical signals from one point to another, and systems to transmit information and data at high frequency are vital for today’s society.
 Stack Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1971 by four engineers who had quitted their previous salary jobs, including Mr. Tajima who is the current Senior Advisor. Starting in a two-room apartment, they aimed at creating a manufacturer specialized in high frequency.
 “The only assets we had were two drawing boards and a few technical materials. However, our objective was to become a specialized manufacturer devoting itself to its technology, not just a sub-contractor. We set ‘not to sell know-how’ as our motto and developed probes for oscilloscope targeting to complement research and development by large companies.”
 An oscilloscope is a critical device for measurement of voltage and frequency. Its inspection terminal is called “probe.” Currently, the share of probes by Stack Electronics is 100% in the Japanese market and is one of the largest in the world.

Various contributions to the society as a manufacturer specialized in high-frequency transmission

Development Division
 In 1981, the 10th year from its establishment, Stack Electronics Co., Ltd. went back to its foundation origin and re-started their challenge.
 “We realized the coming of the communication age. We do not want to stay as just a manufacturer specialized in probes. What we have always pursued is to become a manufacturer specialized in high-frequency transmission.”
 Stack Electronics has developed many new products and established its position as a high-frequency transmission manufacturer. The products have been widely used in infrastructure businesses closely related to everyday life such as broadcasting, disaster prevention, traffic, and underground retransmission.
 Examples include antennas for cell phones, digital broadcasting systems, emergency digital radio on fire trucks, and live broadcasting of TV programs. Today, it has a network of over 500 domestic and international clients, and it is even said that the modern communication technology would have been impossible without Stack Electronics’ technology. Contribution it has made to the society is also significant.

Pursuit of new possibility with further cutting-edge technology

Optical fibers
 Potentials for high-frequency transmission are still expanding. The special focus is the combination of high frequency and optics. Electromagnetic wave, “terahertz,” which has properties of both optics and electromagnetic waves is a much-anticipated field. Expansion to new areas through partnerships with a wide range of research institutions and schools is being promoted. Study on sketches of world-famous drawings is one example.
 Furthermore, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be the stage for Stack Electronics’ new challenges.
 “There are many business chances in Tokyo. Infrastructure will be rapidly established for the Olympics. We are searching for ways to contribute with our technologies to urban broadcasting and communication infrastructure around the venues.”

Advantages unique to the Tama area

The Stack Electronics Main Factory in Akishima City
 Mr. Tajima, the founder, worked as the chairman of “TAMA Association (TAMA Industrial Vitalization Association, Inc.)” and made many efforts in vitalization of local industries. The TAMA Association offers a wide range of activities including support for government-academia collaborations and research and development, support for expansion of markets and overseas implementation, and human resource development. Its efforts are drawing domestic attention in vitalization of local industries making full use of local characteristics and strengths.
TAMA Industrial Vitalization Association, Inc. 
 “Many research institutes of universities and large companies are located in the area along the Route 16, which is twice as large as Silicon Valley. In addition, high-level technology exchanges with research institutes in Tokyo and the Tama Techno Plaza are possible. The tama area, where high potentials exist, is the best location for us.
 'What only Stack Electronics can do.' We aim at expanding to the world from Tokyo Akishima with our originality.”
Stack Electronics Co., Ltd.
3-9-18 Musashino, Akishima City, Tokyo 196-8501 Japan
Phone: 042-544-6211