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Mu-Techno, Inc.(Hino City)

Business Category : Processing(metal)
Created on 2015-3-16
Updated on 2016-3-29
Mu-Techno, Inc.
Emiko Taniguchi, Managing Director
 With precision sheet metal processing and press mold design and manufacturing as the two pillars of technologies, Mu-Techno, Inc. responds to a wide range of requests from prototype to mass production. It has an established reputation for customer satisfaction.

Insect Series symbolizing Mu-Techno’s precision sheet metal technology

The Insect Series produced minutely
with one sheet metal
 Sheet metal processing is generally known for large and heavy works such as automobiles and buildings. Fine processing of metal sheet of 0.02 – 6-mm thickness such as cutting, punching, and bending is called “precision sheet metal works.”
 Such precision sheet metal works are a specialty for Mu-Techno, Inc. For example, for the “3D SUS Insect Series” shown on the right photo, insects such as cicadas, butterflies, and dragonflies are observed and reproduced to the details with one stainless sheet metal. The artistic forms are realized by laser machining and manual assembly. Welding and bonding are not used. This technology is also used for processing of low power (electronics) parts with complex drawing.
 We interviewed Ms. Taniguchi who is the founder’s daughter.
 “The Insect Series is our primary products showing our technological strength and ability to make appealing proposals. We would like to make images that developers of cutting-edge technologies have into reality as a 'prototype sheet metal service' company.”

Monozukuri of Mu-Techno to get 93.3% of customers to return

Plant Manager leading a group of
metal processing experts
 Speed is critical for prototype production. At Mu-Techno, Inc. a support system for quick realization of products is established by promptly responding to requests from quotation to technical consultation. For example, quotation is provided at a surprising speed of a half-day. Short delivery is also possible, and delivery dates have been strictly adhered since the company’s establishment as a matter of course.
 Ability to make appealing proposals for cost performance, time reduction, and compacting is also a characteristic of this company.
 “What can we do to produce more quickly or with less expense? All our staff works with a high level of awareness.”
 In addition, the company considers quality as its lifeline and has own quality control system established. All data are managed on computers, and each engineer has iPad and works while confirming the data. Introduction of state-of-the-art equipment is also promoted for further quality improvement.
 It is taken as granted that all products do not have any damage or burr. Moreover, fine packaging by female staff surprises customers to whom products are delivered. Out of 20 employees of the company, five are female, which is high ratio in the manufacturing industry. Advantages of female abilities for such fine works and honest, flexible opinions can be said as another characteristic unique to Mu-Techno.
 Mu-Techno’s extraordinary, speedy and finely managed system is demonstrated in the fact that a surprising number of “93.3 % customers return for another business.”

Challenge to produce own products utilizing original technology

Lamp featuring Chinese lantern plant motifs,
constructed of seven parts.
 With these capabilities Mu-Techno, Inc. handles 1,200 – 1,500 requests per month in response to various customer needs ranging from major and venture companies to metal item brands.
 On the other hand, Mu-Techno is concentrating its efforts on development of in-house products. In addition to the above Insect Series, products such as tablet case for refreshing candy and mobile stand have been released one after another. They are sold at the company’s online store.
 Mu-Techno also participates in “Commercialization Challenge Dojo ” (Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center ) held at the Tama Techno Plaza in the adjacent Akishima City. Through the practical curriculum for development and commercialization of products, a new product is about to be realized.

Advantages to be located in Hino City , a Town of Monozukuri

View of Hino City of Mu-Techno’s rooftop
 Hino City in the southern part of the Tama area is located near the center of Tokyo. With a wide range of transportation available with JR, private railways, and central highways, access to the center of the Metropolitan is great.
 “Many customers who request prototypes and small-lot products are located in the center. Our location is convenient for them to come and for us to visit.”
 Hino City, an industrial city, has given high priority to Monozukuri. Mu-Techno, Inc. has effectively utilized measures provided by the city such as the subsidy for business expansion. The presence of the Tama Techno Center (Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute ) is also a great advantage for test requests and device use.
 “We utilize the Plaza mainly for evaluation and testing. We can use devices there such as measuring devices and 3D printers in accordance with customer needs.”
 Mu-Techno also takes a part in the “TAMA Prototype Network TSUBASA ,” which is a network of small factories in the Tama area that are specialized in prototypes and proposals. Taking advantage of each factory’s strong point, they collaborate to make proposals for needs of “prototypes” and “product development.”
 “Vigorous and agile” is a suitable phrase for Mu-Techno, Inc. that continues with new challenges making full use of vitality of the Tama area.
Mu-Techno, Inc.
1-18-6 Hinodai Hino City, Tokyo 191-0003 Japan
Phone: 042-586-0411