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Top Voices of Companies MATSUDA R&D CO., LTD.(Itabashi Ward)

MATSUDA R&D CO., LTD.(Itabashi Ward)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2015-3-19
Updated on 2016-3-29
Representative Mr. Shinji Matsuda
 MATSUDA R&D CO., LTD. is located in a residential area of Itabashi Ward, and launches products with unique ideas. The company has only ten employees, however, techniques that are “the best in the world, the only one in the world” continue to be generated by this company and are used in various fields.

“Vibration proof suspension” adopted for return of Hayabusa

Retrieval box of HAYABUSA’s capsule
 Mr. Matsuda was involved in research and development as an engineer at an automobile maker and launched numerous new products. He founded his operation in Itabashi Ward in 1982.
 “At first, we were developing genuine parts for motor bikes, however, I came to focus on the technique of “vibration proofing.”
 Vibration proofing is, as it states, to protect machines from damaging by vibration and impact. After devoting research and development for vibration proofing technologies, they developed their own techniques such as air suspension and metal suspension.
 Later their techniques were adopted for transportation of valuable precise machinery such as cameras, telescopes and medical equipment, and in 2010, they received an order from JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency .
 “The mission was to transport a capsule containing samples that Asteroid Explorer HAYABUSA had collected, when it returned to Earth, from its landing spot in Australia to Japan. This mission could not fail. We designed the specifications from scratch, repeatedly collected vibration data, made changes after changes to the design, and completed the retrieval box. We are exceptionally pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to the JAXA project.”

Tennis ball became a bell-ringer for “vibration proof suspension."

Metal ball suspension
 One of the products that represent the company’s vibration proofing techniques is the “metal ball suspension.” It was made by assembling read-shaped stainless steels in globular shape.
 “One day, I came up with an idea from the form of tennis ball, and completed this product after trial-and-error. Vibration is usually displayed in the orientations from the bottom to the top, from right to left, and from back to front, however, this suspension spreads vibration into every direction, which enables the maximum absorption level of vibration to be 98.5 %, which is first in the world. In addition, it has benefits of being light, highly durable, and low in cost.”
 The lineup of vibration proofing products using this metal suspension or air suspension can cater from light weight to heavy weight for 2.5 t loading depend on the purposes.
 What is more, their products even include a “vibration proofing caster” that combines rubbers of different hardness and an “aero container” that cuts down the transportation fuel cost dramatically. Their proud vibration proofing techniques are used in all types of transportation including land, marine and air.

Another expectation towards the world’s first vacuum insulation panel

Vacuum insulation panel
 “Our company is a research and development based company. In accordance with customers’ needs, we provide services from planning and development of products, design and modeling, test production, to mass production base.”
 A carry box for mail collection that anybody must have seen at least once. This is again a patent (Patent Application Publication No. H7-251774) product by MATSUDA R&D CO., LTD. Its functionality is highly evaluated, and currently 110,000 boxes are used nation-wide.
 In addition, the company has recently been working on the world’s first insulation “vacuum insulation panel.”
 “A high level of insulation is assured by maintaining the inside vacuum by the structure with a thin stainless steel panel and urethane foam insulation material. Application of the product in a variety of fields including freezing containers, automobiles and medical industry is expected.”

Engineering from Itabashi with the world in sight

At Itabashi Industry Trade Show
 Itabashi Ward is close to central Tokyo and sub-cities of Tokyo, has great access to them, and has abundant information and human resources. In addition, it is also known as where engineers, very rare to find in central Tokyo, accumulate. The company is now in the process of opening a new factory, and they are reviewing the location to be again in Itabashi Ward.
 “Itabashi Industry Trade Show, Exhibition of product and processing techniques” is held annually in Autumn, and the latest products by the companies in the area are displayed there。
 “At the trade show this year, we were able to introduce our technology and products to many visitors. Especially our experiment in metal suspension drew their attention.”
 With their unique ideas, MATSUDA R&D CO., LTD. has always had expansion to the world in their mind and they have been developing perfectly-timed products that will appeal to the international market.
 “Based on our stance to 'suggest products that so far have not existed in the world', we hope to keep developing our unique products.”
27-6, Miyamotocho, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo 174-0054
Phone: 03-3965-3821