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MIRAI LABO(Hachioji City)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2015-4-28
Updated on 2016-3-29
Toshio Hiratsuka, President (Left)
Raita Hiratsuka, Sales Planning Department (Right)
 MIRAI LABO performs a wide range of research and development for reduction of CO2. The company’s rechargeable special LED projector was awarded the 2014 Tokyo Venture Technology Award and selected as a certified product for 2014 Tokyo Trial Order Certification System.

Mini LED light that illuminates brightly and widely with a reflector

Mini LED light and MiLED mini III
 When you turn on a flashlight in dark, a round light illuminates one point. You can light up a subject, but everything else remains in dark. That is, the irradiation range of conventional flashlights is narrow.
 On the other hand, MiLED mini III, a multi-purpose mini LED light developed by MIRAI LABO, can light up the overall and far area from foot to surroundings with five LED lights and a reflector.
 Furthermore, another advantage of this product is that it is light enough to put on a helmet or arm while operating. At the time of a disaster or power outage, various obstacles are scattered, which may lead to unforeseen dangers. Even in such a case both hands are free with this product, a wide view can be assured, and the light also gives a sign that someone is there.

LED illumination that solved problems of nighttime works by a power company

Nighttime worksite.With X-teraso,
it is possible to project light from the above.
 The idea of this light to combine multiple LED lights with a reflector was born originally for a power company’s nighttime electric works.
 As conventional mercury lamp projectors illuminated from the ground, they might be too bright for operators working at high level or create shadows at their hands, making the work dangerous. A portable generator to supply a large amount of electricity was mandatory, which caused problems of noises at night as well as claims for light pollution to nearby houses. In addition, the resulted load on the environment was big with its large size and large amount of power consumption.
 MIRAI LABO’s projector, X-teraso (MiLED X ) was created while solving such issues in worksites one by one.

Rechargeable special LED projector X-teraso (MiLED X), a product without competitions

Governor’s visit to the company’s booth at the
"Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2014"
 X-teraso can control directions of light and project it only to the work range that needs to be illuminated.
 “The most prominent characteristic of this product is the distinction of the bright area and the dark area. It can be also used to project light from the topmost part of a telephone pole for works on the ground.”
 Moreover, it can be kept on continuously for 18 hours, which is the first in the world for rechargeable type products. It achieves energy saving with the total power consumption of about 18 w. It is light-weighted with the total weight of approximately 5 kg and can be easily carried around.
 Thus, a product without competitions that has many patents for the structure, power source, and circuits was created. The “unprecedented product” has patents and design rights not only in Japan but also in the United States and Europe.
 MIRAI LABO received the 2014 Tokyo Venture Technology Award and selected as a product for the 2014 Tokyo Trial Order Certification System*. These recognitions improved the social credibility and increased the number of orders received. The company, whose main function had been research and development, is preparing itself to become a manufacturer by establishing a new factory for mass production, for example.

*Tokyo Trial Order Certification System: A system in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government certifies new products and promotes them as well as tentatively purchasing some and evaluating them in order to support popularization of innovative and high-quality new products by small- and medium-sized companies.

Advantages of Hachioji City, Tokyo

Appearance of the LABO
 MIRAI LABO was established in 2006. The company initially operated in the center of the metropolitan in Chiyoda City and Bunkyo City , but it moved to Hachioji City after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11, 2011. This was strongly motivated by hopes for making “contributions to the local area” where you were born and grew up.
 Hachioji City is one of the largest areas in Tokyo where Monozukuri businesses are located. The city offers a variety of support measures, and there are active interactions between companies.
 “Local collaboration and cooperation with public administration are essential to product development.”
 “It is difficult for a venture business such as us to test all the functions by ourselves, so we take advantage of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute . Not only can we perform cutting-edge high-level testing, but also get adequate advice from experts in various technical fields. This is an advantage distinctive of Tokyo.”
 MIRAI LABO keeps research and development without barriers of specialties in a theme of “Reduce CO2 with technologies.” Creation of new ideas is highly anticipated.
3-3-20 Sennincho , Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0835
Phone: 042-673-7113