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EBM Corporation(Ota Ward)

Business Category : Environmental, medical and welfare
Created on 2015-5-8
Updated on 2016-3-29
EBM Corporation
CEO Young Kwang Park

Surgical simulator recognizing voices of over 3,000 surgeons

Coronary artery bypass surgical training
 Suture trainings are conducted daily by surgeons responsible for cutting-edge and advanced medical skills such as coronary-artery bypass surgery. EBM Corporation provides support for such trainings in the medical industry from engineering perspective.
 EBM Corporation was founded in 2006 as a student’s venture for engineering in Ota Ward , Tokyo.
 “I was involved in development of surgical training simulators and research on quantification of surgical skills at Waseda University for five years. During that time, I became aware that young surgeons develop their skills through daily training, which led to my determination to develop devices to reproduce cardiac muscles and vessels”, says Mr. Young Kwang Park, CEO.
 The first product was the training simulator “Coronary artery bypass surgical training system” that combined the heart beat reproducing device, BEAT, and the coronary artery model, YOUCAN.

Simulation for challenging operations is possible by accurately reproducing movements of cardiac muscles

Introduced in overseas
 This coronary artery bypass surgical training system enables training by stitching tubes assumed to vessels on a mechanically beating stage. Movement in the surface of cardiac muscles is reproduced realistically by a fine fibrous actuator metal called bio metal. Plastic vessels mimic the size and strength of actual vessels.
 As this system is foldable and portable, it is ideal for trainings at academic conferences and travel destinations. Mr. Park also dwelled on its appearance, and made it possible to use even in a living room.
 Functionality of this system has been highly commended, and it has been introduced at over 100 domestic locations and clinical hubs world-wide, such as medical universities and academic conferences. Furthermore, what makes EBM Corporation unique is their production of systems.
 “We do not only manufacture devices. We also started a system that objectively assesses results of saturation, as we believe that techniques will improve with an 'approval' of outcome of the training.”
 This evaluation system has also been adopted internationally, and surgeons from the world compete, using their techniques in competitions.
 Such a business model is well acknowledged, which resulted in EBM Corporation receiving an award for “engineer in Ota Ward of 2013, Next Generation” which recognizes engineers engaged in future engineering in Ota Ward.

Advantage of being in Ota Ward, an engineering town

Realistic movements of cardiac muscles
enabled by expertise of Ota Ward
 Ota Ward, where EBM Corporation operates, is well known as an engineering town with a number of small factories, and techniques from Ota Ward are also concentrated in EBM’s surgical simulator, which attempts to accurately reproduce movements of cardiac muscles.
 “Although this simulator accurately replicates movements of actual cardiac muscles, what is important is, it does not make any sound despite the movement. The secret is the employment of bio metal (metallic artificial muscle actuator) that moves just like muscles when electricity is turned on. This technology was independently developed at a factory in Ota Ward, and can only be manufactured there. We gained the full cooperation of the factory for commercialization of this product.”
 This is a good example of the traditions of Ota Ward, where highly skilled factories gather and work together through networking with each other. Such networking is vital for new product development.

From Ota Ward to the world, to the future

at “Techno FRONT Morigasaki”
 “Techno FRONT Morigasaki ” where EBM Corporation is located, is an apartment building for factories constructed by Ota Ward in 2008. In addition to wide corridors for forklifts and floor loading for machines, residential aspects such as terraces and courtyards are installed. Collaboration in engineering is also seen within the building.
 “There are numbers of benefits in operating in Ota Ward. In addition to locating in this start-up support facility, our business has been developed by using various administrative support services.
 What is also appealing to me is the “airport” “.
 Haneda Airport can be seen from the office windows. Mr. Park, who holds a private pilot license himself, says he loves aircrafts.
 “The airport is the symbol of Ota Ward. There is great access to overseas, especially to Asia. You can say that the area is the closest place in Tokyo to the world.”
 With a passion to put medical engineering research results into practice and expand from Japan to the world, there is no better location than here. Tokyo, and its gateway Haneda, are attracting more attention from the world with the 2020 Olympic Games being held here. Right beside Haneda, Mr. Park is succeeding as a perfect example of a young achiever.
 “Japan is the country that has a lot to contribute to the world. Japan is the country where young people can have dreams. I am doing my part to show this to the world,” said Mr. Park about his passion for the future.
EBM Corporation
4-6-15 Techno FRONT Morigasaki #508,
Ohmoriminami, Ota Ward, Tokyo, 143-0013
Telephone: 03-5737-2884