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Top Voices of Companies Adachi Optical Works, Inc.(Itabashi City)

Adachi Optical Works, Inc.(Itabashi City)

Business Category : Machines(other machinery)
Created on 2015-5-8
Updated on 2016-3-29
Adachi Optical Works, Inc.
Hirokazu Adachi, President
 Adachi Optical Works, Inc. operates in Itabashi, a Town of Optics, and the company has been challenging high-quality and high-precision Monozukuri as evidenced in manufacturing of PAL lenses that require high-level precision and technologies.

From a lens to an optical unit: Continuous processing from designing to manufacturing

Various optical units
 Itabashi City has an industrial district, which is rare in Tokyo 23 wards. It is especially thriving in optical and precision equipment industries and produces 62 billion yen in shipment of products for business use in the related equipment manufacturing industries, which is ranked at the top in the Tokyo 23 wards. Itabashi City is a “Town of Optics” where many companies that manufacture products utilizing optical technologies are located.
 Adachi Optical Works, Inc. is one of such companies. Since its foundation in 1953, the company has devoted to optical lens business over 60 years. The company was engaged in polishing of lenses for binoculars and single lens reflex cameras at the beginning of its history, but with the transition of the time it came to start manufacturing projection lenses for 8-mm films, lenses for measurement, and lenses for medical equipment.
 Currently, the company is engaged in a wide range of processing from various lenses, mirrors, and prisms to designing and manufacturing of optical units.
 Mr. Adachi, president of the company, says, “Although our size is small, we engage in our business with ‘continuous production from designing’ as our motto.”

Challenges to high-quality and high-precision products

Polishing work
 “We process lenses with outer diameter from 3 mm to 150 mm. Not only single lenses, but we are capable of fabricating tablet and triplet lenses.” (Mr. Adachi)
 Devices such as cameras and medical equipment are generally composed of multiple lenses combined. Adachi Optical Works, Inc. is specialized in designing such optical units.
The company has a wide range of customers including large optical manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers. Optical plummets to calibrate reference points of measuring devices were manufactured for Topcon Corporation , an optical maker also located in Itabashi City, and measuring devices equipped with the product are sold all over the world.
 The company considers that high quality and short lead time are essential factors to survive the globalization of the market and actively makes efforts in production of high-precision products, assurance of their quality, and shortening of their lead time.

“PAL Lens,” the first production in Japan

A view of Paris taken with a PAL Lens
(lower photo) that can project a
360-degree image
 PAL Lens (panorama lens) is one of representative products of Adachi Optical Works, Inc. It has four polished faces, two of which compose a reflector and project a 360-degree image as shown in the picture on the right. This is a technology developed in Hungry, and Adachi Optical Works is the first in Japan that succeeded in manufacturing such lenses. Their production is time-consuming as even minute scratches are not allowed. PAL lenses, to which precision and technologies that Adachi Optical Works takes pride in are applied, are used for eyes of "wakamaru", a communication robot developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Advantages of Itabashi City

 Adachi Optical Works, Inc. was founded in Itabashi area of Itabashi City and moved to the current location in Honcho area in 1963.
 “ Itabashi City has significant history in optical manufacturing. There are no other places in which companies with such a variety of specialty such as polishing, pressing, designing, filters, and prisms are located in one area. Collaborations within the network of these companies in development and manufacturing are vital even today.” (Mr. Adachi)
 In addition, evaluations and measurements are required for commercialization of products that demand high quality such as the company’s optical products. Adachi Optical Works has utilized Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute for various testing and assessments.
 Year 2015 has been declared as the “International Year of Light ” by the United Nations. Itabashi City, a Town of Optics, is catching the excitement with various events held. Opportunities to demonstrate and offer Adachi Optical Works’ technologies are expanding further.
Adachi Optical Works, Inc.
4-48-10 Itabashi, Itabashi City, Tokyo 108-0072 
Phone: 03-3962-6451