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Top Interview with municipality’s person Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry(Machida City)

Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry(Machida City)

Created on 2016-3-3
Updated on 2016-3-3
Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Machida City)

Machida City, or Machida-shi, located at the border with Kanagawa Prefecture, has good access to central Tokyo and Tama area. It has developed as "Commercial City Machida" historically and is yet thriving. Its sole industrial park "Machida Technology Park" is vitalizing manufacturers as companies work on cross-industry joint researches. We interviewed Mitsuhiro Aoshima, Director-General, and Shoji Inoue, Head of Corporate Support Division of the Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Chamber playing a role in forming local communities

Machida, called "Commercial City Machida," has long evolved around commerce as being a key traffic point. After the World War II, the City thrived as a commuter town for central Tokyo and saw accelerated increase in population after mammoth housing complexes were built in the mid-1950s. A characteristic is the fact it accommodates more residences and commercial facilities than industries. As of fiscal 2009, business facilities count about 12,000 in the City, of which 7,700 are small-sized businesses. The Chamber is joined by about 4,200 members. Despite doing businesses in the region, however, majority of the companies know little about what kind of industry sectors are operating in the City. The Chamber is offering opportunities for them to get acquainted one another, which we hope helps form communities and vitalize the region.

The Chamber assisting entrepreneurs by launching start-up projects

The "Machida Start-up Project" is an organization co-working with Machida City, Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Machida Business Development Agency and financial institutions, certified by the central government in 2014 based on the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act enforced on January 20, 2014. This initiative, effective until March 31, 2017, aims to help entrepreneurs learn about "management," "finance," "human resource development," and "market development," and certified founders are eligible for supports from the central government (procedures to receive reduction of registration license tax for the registry of stock companies, higher credit guarantee ceilings and special provisions for start-up-related guarantees).

"Machida Technology Park" driving industries in the City

Among the projects the Chamber has been focusing on is the "Machida Technology Park (Tama Advanced Business Cooperative)", an industrial park born in 2001. It is the City’s sole industrial park accommodating 18 R&D-oriented companies.
Triggering to establish the Park was issues arising from increased residences in the industrial areas, which ultimately caused manufacturers to close operations or leave the region. Therefore, the Chamber’s Industrial Division worked as a mediator to solicit companies willing to move to the Park. There came companies from Sagamihara or Kawasaki in addition to those in the City. R&D-oriented companies with leading technologies in certain fields - including semiconductors, communications-related, optical glass, railway vehicle, laser microfabrication and precision sheet metal machining - gathered and actively collaborated for joint researches on such themes as environmental and energy issues, medical and nursing care, driving industries in Machida.

Calls from companies moving government

A chamber of commerce should be a place where member companies discuss and enhance one another. It plays a role like a control center to move government through coordinating issues and/or potential matters posed by members. We are anticipating ties between agriculture and industries as the City is also rich in farming. We at the same time expect industries could collaborate with 10 universities in the City including Tamagawa University, JF Oberlin University and Hosei University. Offering such cross- cooperation opportunities among industries, academia, agriculture and public sectors and coordinating them are also our activities. We encourage potential members to join the Chamber and enhance their growth potentials through closer ties with peers, universities and communities.

Address: 3-3-22, Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0013
Phone: +81-42-724-6614