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Top Interview with municipality's person

Interview with municipality's person

Metropolitan center and sub-center areas


"Small and Medium Enterprises Going-Global Project 2020"
From Tokyo to the world, the "Small and Medium Enterprises Going-Global Project 2020" transmits the capabilities of small and medium enterprises in Japan NEW!



Economic Affairs Division of Residents' Affairs Department, Bunkyo City
Making continuous challenges with new policy attempts to promote industries in the City such as medical equipment industry


Aoyama Start-up Acceleration Center (ASAC)
Taking advantage of the prime location, providing assistance for the establishment and growth of venture firms


"Sakuranu Biz Support Project" (Toshima City)
Strong support for women starting businesses in Toshima City NEW!

Joto Area


"Taito, a vibrant city which is about to open up to the world": Industrial revitalization creates the future of Taito Ward(Taito City)
Taito Ward has newly formulated the "Taito Ward Industry Promotion Plan." With the aim to be "a vibrant city which is about to open up to the world" befitting an international tourism city, the ward is now further revitalizing the local industry. NEW!
For creation of new manufacturing culture: “Revitalization project of fashion and design related industries in Taito ward”
In Taito ward, which is known as a city of fashion and zakka, a new manufacturing culture is being born, such as collaboration between the historic traditional crafts and young, talented creators.


For a new place of creation to expand Monozukuri fields: Project of organizing new Monozukuri creation infrastructure in Sumida City
Sumida City has developed as a Town of Monozukuri with many manufacturing businesses located in the city. The next goal is to become a place for new interactions and creation through Monozukuri. Establishment of unique bases has begun all over the ward.


Regional Economics Division, Community Promotion Department, Koto City
Koto City and its certified corporations working together to develop KOTO BRAND of “inheritance and innovation”





Wide-ranging support menus for small and medium sized enterprises, “Reinforcement plan of manufacturing industry infrastructure in Edogawa ward”.
Metal and machine manufacturing have been developed in the Edogawa ward since olden times. The ward supports currently-operating small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a wide-ranging menu including development of new markets and products.

Jonan Area


Commerce and Manufacturing Support Section, Community Development Program Department, Shinagawa City
Expanding scope of corporate supports to small- to medium-sized information/telecommunication service providers
For an innovation city, Shinagawa:“Reinforcement plan of manufacturing industry infrastructure in the area around Shinagawa Osaki Station”
Shinagawa Ward has historically been a key point of Tokyo’s industry. Currently, there are many companies in manufacturing and software industries that produce high added values. The ward aims to create new industries and new businesses with Monozukuri at the center.


Enhancement of manufacturing integration, and shift to industries with higher added value.
Ota city is famous as a manufacturing city. With its strength as an excellent operations environment, the city broadly supports businesses in the area.
Ota City Industrial Promotion Department
Bringing in new bloods of fabless and R&D-oriented firms, and promoting synergies with manufacturers in the City

Johoku Area


Industry Promotion Section , Regional Promotion Division, Kita City
“If you have any problems, first contact Kita Ward” Activities aimed at total support for Monozukuri (manufacturing) firms


For creation of added-values with a theme of “Branding”: “Reinforcement plan of industry infrastructure in Itabashi Ward”
Itabashi Ward has a rare district exclusive for industrial use in Tokyo’s 23 wards and is one of the leading cities in the shipment value of manufactured products. The ward supports a variety of technologies including optics, which have higher values added.
Itabashi Ward’s long-term plan to become an industrial and cultural city that creates a brighter future by 2025
Itabashi Ward’s long-term plan to become an industrial and cultural city that creates a brighter future by 2025 NEW!

Northern Tama Area


For creation of an environment for unique small- and medium-sized businesses to demonstrate their strengths: “Reinforcement plan of the regional industrial infrastructure in Tachikawa City”
Tachikawa City has thrived as the entry to the Tama Area and a key point of transportation. Industry and Tourism division provides a wide range of support to small- and medium-sized businesses for their secure operations.



For a city where urban areas and industries coexist. A reinforcement plan of the regional industrial infrastructure in Mitaka city.
Residential areas and industrial areas are adjacent to each other in Mitaka city. Under such a situation, the city supports creation of an environment for manufacturing businesses to operate securely.


“Tama Techno Plaza”
“Tama Techno Plaza” opened in “Industry Support Square TAMA” in Nishi Tachikawa in February 2010 as the base of support for small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Tama area where many Monozukuri businesses are located. Since its birth, the plaza has been utilized by many companies in Monozukuri industries. (Interviewed: November 6, 2014)


Chofu City Industrial Labor Support Center
Offering Diverse and Specialized Support for Startups in Chofu City "Chofu City Industrial Labor Support Center"

Southern tama Area


Hachioji, Major urban city in the Grater Tokyo area, supports its local industry, “A reinforcement plan for regional industrial infrastructures in Hachioji city”.
In April 2015, Hachioji city became the first core city in Tokyo. By utilizing its excellent accessibility, close proximity of homes with places of work, industry-academia collaboration, and rich nature, the city is actively making an effort to attract companies and aggregate manufacturing industries.
Utilizing the abundant resources of the city for the industrial promotion "Hachioji City Regional Industry Revitalization Plan"(Hatchioji City)
Utilizing the abundant resources of the city for the industrial promotion "Hachioji City Regional Industry Revitalization Plan" NEW!



Hino Town Planning Section Promotion Division
Creating New Added-Value through Government and Companies Working Hand-in-Hand
Industrial city Hino ,“Hino city industry visualization project”.
With a unique “visible” support system, the industrial city Hino encourages small and medium sized enterprises.

Western tama Area



Industries Division, Industrial Environment Part, Hamura City
Long-term supports from starting up and continuing businesses to promoting growth


Mizuho town Urban Development Department Industries Division
Developing support initiatives for small- to medium-sized enterprises by visiting manufacturers and listening to their opinions directly