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Top Regional Features Western Tama area

Western Tama area

Area Features

Located in the northwestern portion of the Tokyo metropolis, this area borders Yamanashi Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture. It is adjacent to the Kanto mountain range and Musashino Plateau, and Hinohara Village and Okutatama Town in the mountainous area are also famous for mountain climbing.

The plains and hilly areas, which are easily accessed from the city center, are developing as Tokyo’s commuter towns.

From the Ome Interchange of the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway good access is gained to the Chuo, Tomei, and Kanetsu Expressways.

Manufacturing Industry Features

Manufacturing company image

Manufacturers specializing in cutting-edge technologies are gathered in Hamura City and Mizuho Town along Route 16. Mizuho Town has 204 business establishments, and in terms of value added, it ranks fifth in the Tokyo metropolis.

Many large-scale plants and factories of major corporations are located in this area.

Support Facilities and Property Situation

Mitsuhara industrial park

There are expansive industrial parks located in Ome City and Hinode Town.

The Mitsuhara Industrial Park (Ome City) gathers small and medium-sized companies involved in businesses such as metal processing, reinforcement processing, welding, sheet metal, and stamp pressing, but there is also a factory for joint use, which is operated by the city.

Basic Data

Oume, Hinode, Hamura, Akiruno, Mizuho, Fussa, Hinohara, Okutama
Population Number of establishments
in manufacturing business
Number of employees in
manufacturing business
Shipment value
(unit: ten million yen)
Added value
(unit: ten million yen)
Oume 136,750 236 9,176 20,810 7,783
Hinode 17,020 49 1,694 5,620 2,219
Hamura 56,355 69 7,664 63,334 22,042
Akiruno 81,483 90 2,269 4,304 1,764
Mizuho 33,905 211 6,407 41,077 19,707
Fussa 58,613 42 1,359 2,322 1,160
Hinohara 2,343 6 68 90 54
Okutama 5,378 10 94 64 32
of this area
391,847 713 28,731 137,621 54,761
of Toyko
13,415,349 12,156 269,815 815,935 319,317

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・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Statistics Division, "Bureau of General Affairs, Industries in Tokyo", 2014/12/31