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Southern Tama area

Area Features

Takaosan IC, Ken-O Expressway

This area is adjacent to Kanagawa Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture. In the hilly area, precious assets of the national capital region such as “satoyama,” Japan’s socio-ecological production landscape, and countryside landscapes still remain.

This area has a well-developed railway and road network, but with the full opening of the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway and other developments, the convenience of regional transportation has expanded.

Hachioji City has the largest population among Tokyo’s cities, towns and villages, and Tama City has a very striking population growth rate.

Manufacturing Industry Features

Kita-Hachiouji industrial park

The South Tama area, which has a large concentration of companies with sophisticated processing technologies and companies with superb product development capabilities, ranks top among all the areas in the Tokyo metropolis in value added. Particularly, Hino City is an “industrial town,” ranking second among Tokyo’s municipalities in annual product shipment and first in value added.

Hachioji City, which has many industrial parks, also has research institutions of major corporations and many universities, making it an area blessed with industrial resources and human resources.

Support Facilities and Property Situation

Tokyo Metropolitan University

There are also many universities and research institutions engaging in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Of the 137 universities in Tokyo, 21 are located in the South Tama area, and some 100,000 students are studying there.

The Tokyo Metropolitan University is an incorporated municipal university established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in April 2005. Its Liaison Office aims to broadly return the university’s academic research accomplishments to society, and through collaboration with the industrial sector and public research institutions, contribute to the development of innovative technologies and products.

Basic Data

Hachiouji, Hino, Machida, Tama, Inagi
Population Number of establishments
in manufacturing business
Number of employees in
manufacturing business
Shipment value
(unit: ten million yen)
Added value
(unit: ten million yen)
Hachiouji 562,795 561 15,393 36,981 17,809
Hino 182,765 74 16,110 78,011 45,777
Machida 426,937 143 4,692 9,587 3,664
Tama 147,849 24 739 2,266 961
Inagi 87,461 69 1,465 2,607 1,212
of this area
1,407,807 871 38,399 129,452 69,423
of Toyko
13,415,349 12,156 269,815 815,935 319,317

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・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Statistics Division, "Bureau of General Affairs, Industries in Tokyo", 2014/12/31