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Jonan area

Area Features

Haneda Airport

This area is located in the southern portion of the Tokyo metropolis, and is adjacent to Kanagawa Prefecture. One of Tokyo’s central manufacturing areas, the logistics functions of the Port of Tokyo and Haneda Airport can be used to maximum advantage.

Ota Ward takes third place in the metropolis in population, and Shinagawa Ward is twelfth. With regard to the number of business establishments, Ota Ward has about 30,000 and Shinagawa Ward about 20,000, with 360,000 and 400,000 employees, respectively.

Ota Ward has many manufacturing businesses, and in Shinagawa Ward, the ratio of companies in the information and communications industry and service industry is growing.

Manufacturing Industry Features

Osaki Station

The Jonan area has a concentration of top class small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), centering on businesses engaging in machining and metalworking, and chemical surface treatment.

This area has the second largest number of manufacturing establishments. By municipality, Ota Ward takes first place for both the number of establishments and employees. It ranks No. 1 in the metal products, production machinery, and transportation machinery sector. A diversity of high-skilled manufacturing technology is accumulated in this area.

Shinagawa Ward is the birthplace of the Keihin Industrial Area. A large number of small-scale businesses are concentrated here. There are also increasing cases of companies locating to the area around Osaki station for research and development and advancement into new fields, and companies establishing their R&D facilities there, and anticipations held on this area as a site for new business development.

Support Facilities and Property Situation

Ota City Industrial Plaza,PiO
(picture provided by Ota City)

Ota Ward has substantial support facilities such as “factory apartments,” which provide factory space for SMEs, and an expansive industrial park in the coastal area.

The Jonan Branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute is a facility on the frontlines of support for skilled manufacturing such as precision measurement and analysis, and prototype creation.

Near Osaki station in Shinagawa Ward, a new space for interaction called SHIP (Shinagawa Industrial Platform) has been born. It supports next generation industries through the provision of event spaces, offices, open lounges, and workshops.

Basic Data

Shinagawa, Ota, Meguro
Population Number of establishments
in manufacturing business
Number of employees in
manufacturing business
Shipment value
(unit: ten million yen)
Added value
(unit: ten million yen)
Shinagawa 378,123 397 5,893 9,184 4,402
Ota 712,057 1,413 21,496 41,103 18,066
Meguro 271,469 141 2,542 4,971 1,940
of this area
1,361,649 1,951 29,931 55,258 24,408
of Toyko
13,415,349 12,156 269,815 815,935 319,317

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・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Statistics Division, "Bureau of General Affairs, Industries in Tokyo", 2014/12/31