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Tokyo's Support System

Tokyo's support programs

Companies are supported in a variety of fields through grants, subsidies and small business loans, as well as financial support, managerial support, business founding support, and intellectual property protection and design utilization support.
In addition, with the concerns over the hollowing out of the manufacturing industry, there are many municipal programs to revitalize industry, including the "Manufacturing Industry Integrated Strengthening Support Project (from 2014)", in order to maintain and develop Tokyo's industry in the future.

Municipal businesses support

To support manufacturing companies and revitalize regions on a municipal level, there are regionally appropriate measures such as subsidized loans, business founding support systems, and networking opportunities that reflect the characteristics of each region's industries.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

This experimental research institute established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government promotes Tokyo's industrial development and contributes to the improvement of the lives of residents through technical support for Tokyo's small and medium-sized companies.
It provides high-quality technical support suited to the company's needs, such as commissioned tests and research and development to support the competitiveness of the products and technology of Tokyo's small and medium-sized companies.


Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

Tokyo Metropolitan Small and
Medium Enterprise Support Center

This center is a one-stop consultation center with professional consultants for people from small and medium-sized businesses. It also offers a variety of services for companies in growth stages, such as management and human resource support.